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At my favorite lunch spot, the Brass Cat (by the way, I missed a photo opportunity when they put up the sign outside. The workman on a ladder had his behind covering the B and the R of the sign...) there is a very sweet young waitress named Sarah, with a big smile and really nice figure. One day I came in and said to her: "How I've pined for your appealing countenance."
She said "what does it mean?", and I said "How I've missed your lovely face."

She liked that. Many people (especially women it seems) have a hard time accepting a compliment, so packaging it in a joke can make it easier.

One Saturday Sarah was there as a public (wearing a low-cut sweater, looking dang nice), with her boyfriend. He was older than her, and balding and out of shape, but looked like a nice guy. A refreshing change from the "braniac beer-bins" that usually take the pretty girls. There is hope for us yet. :)

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai

Dear Domai, "Angel" and I were friends in high school. I met her on her first day at our school in the Pocono Mts. Pennsylvania. She was a dark haired, Romanian immigrant, and her beauty was of the natural type that didn't require makeup. I was always attracted to her but she made it clear right from the start that she was not "going to be tied down" with boyfriends, and that she would rather remain friends. So I respected her wishes, and enjoyed her company & friendship.

We did everything together. When I started a band, it turned out she had a desire to be a singer, so we put her in front of the band. "Angel" was a natural. She danced and sang like her namesake. Everybody loved her, and she was always very professional with the members of the band. Sure, we all joked and played around a bit, but it was all in loving fun. We smoked our first cigarettes together, and got sick from them. We used to go everywhere together. We went roller skating, and bowling, and even used to ride horses together. The way the horses responded to her was almost magical, but she had an effect on every living thing. Dogs calmed near her, cats adored her, and it was almost as if she could talk to them, or at the very least, understand their feelings. After high school, she went to veterinary school, and supported herself as an exotic dancer. I never went to see her, because it was a line I didn't want to cross in our friendship.

One summer day, I saw her at a convenience store as I was heading to work. It was a gorgeous day already, with sun burning intensely and the humidity was quite high. As a roofer, I didn't relish the idea of spending such a wonderful day on a hot roof, getting burned and sweating for a few dollars to line my pockets. We struck up a conversation, and she told me she was going swimming at Red Rock, a shady, illegal swimming hole where the locals went to enjoy clean water and no tourists. The evergreen trees surrounding the bend in the creek were tall and majestic, and provided shade and privacy. There were cliffs there that stretched for about 200 feet in either direction and were about forty feet high at their peak. It was a place she & I went to often as teens, and we enjoyed it and our time there together. I told her I thought she was lucky to work at night and to be able to go swimming on such a fine work day. She dared me to call in sick and come hang out with her, as no one else was going to be there, and she didn't like to swim alone.

It didn't take much convincing to change my mind about work, so we headed off to seek sun, shade & water. We bought a couple six-packs for the day & a few sandwiches to have a make-shift picnic. When we arrived, we soon found that we were the only two on the beach. We spread a towel down and sat & cracked a beer each, as we talked and caught up on each other's lives. At twenty two, she was as lovely as ever. She had filled out so very nicely, and nearly over-filled her tank top. The cut off jeans she was wearing showed just a hint of her firm cheeks, and her legs were smooth and bronze all the way up and into the spot where they disappeared into the shorts. She had no tan lines visible, all bronze and beautiful, and my eyes drank deeply of her beauty as we talked. The sun was heating us pretty well before too long, and she suggested we take a dip.

I did not have my shorts on, and was a bit embarrassed at not preparing. She said to me, "That's o.k. you can swim in your underwear. I won't peek!" And I kidded, "I don't know. I'd be at quite a disadvantage out there. You might try something funny!" She giggled, and stars were in her eyes as she stood and offered me her hand. I took it, and we walked to the bank of the creek. "Okay. Fine. I guess we'll have to even the 'odds' then," she said to me as she unzipped her shorts and flung them in the sand."Now we will both be in our underwear," she said, and dove into the cool clear water, leaving me behind to stare dumbfounded. It only took a second or two, and I was right behind her, swimming in my underwear and nothing else!

"Hey! She pouted, "No fair! You don't have on as much as I do." and she tore her top off and flung it to the shore. I could not ever remember at that time having seen such lovely, full breasts. They were clearly visible in the water and there were once again no tan lines to be seen! Each breast floated freely in the water and atop each peak sat a nipple, very pointy from the cold.

Before I knew what was happening, she had removed her panties as well, and was swimming for the cliffs. I followed suit, and arrived nearly at the same time, as she pulled herself up on the warm rocks just above the water. She leaned back on her arms and let the sun bask her in warmth, and that is how we sat for over an hour, not speaking, just being. It was a lovely day I shall always remember, and I often wonder where she is today.

Jay P

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