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Somebody asked me why many men find breast size to be so important. That is a good question. I never saw it myself, I just like Pretty, I don't care about the size.

But I suspect it has something to do with perceptions. If a person's perceptions are not quite clear. Or perhaps if he is not certain of his ideas... then it helps him if his values are measurable.
You can't measure love, but you can measure money.
You can't measure beauty, but you can measure breast size.
So it gives him certainty. He knows that if the tits are big, then the girl is sexy. Whereas if there is no clearcut measure for it, then he is all lost.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai

Dear Domai, Recently I was driving past the small town where my brother went to college. It's been more than 20 years since I have been there, but the memory that came to me as I passed the exit on the highway was as vivid as if that night had happened just a few days ago. At the same time, I thought of DOMAI and the beautiful women who share themselves with us on the site. Even after reading other's letters talking about similar experiences, and viewing the beautiful women here, I hadn't really though of that night until that moment. I'm back home now, and thought I might share my experience from all those years ago.

My brother's college required that the students spend at least one summer on campus. He chose the summer after his second year. Early that August, just before I went off to my last year of college, I visited him.

The last night I was there we went out with his friends to a local pizza place. We ate pizza, talked, and drank some beer. My brother's girlfriend was there, and her two roommates, as well as a few others.

At the end of the evening my brother and I walked his girlfriend and her friends toward their apartment. It was a hot night - still above 80 degrees Fahrenheit even though it was close to midnight. We were all talking about the heat and how uncomfortable it was to sleep on these nights - especially in the houses without air conditioning that were the only ones students could afford in that town.

When we were almost to the girl's apartment Clare, my brother's girlfriend, turned to him and said "Let's go to the lake." He agreed, quickly. I didn't know what was happening, but figured it would be nice to spend some more time with these girls since I was going home the next day and might never see them again.

We got to the apartment and got into Clare's car. It wasn't real big, so when I got in the back seat with Nancy and Susan I was pressed up against Nancy. It was a tight fit for the three of us, but not exactly unpleasant.

About 20 minutes later we turned off the main road and down a dirt track. A few hundred yards into the woods there was a clearing, and we were at the lake. The moon was almost full, and it cast that blue-white light that lets you see everything even though it's the middle of the night. There was a little bit of a breeze, and it was much more comfortable than it had been in town. I thought we would just sit around on the logs that were there and talk some more and maybe wade a little in the lake.

Well, we did sit around and talk for a little while. It was still pretty hot, and the water looked cool and inviting. I was thinking about taking off my shoes and going wading when Susan stood up and stepped out of her sandals.

"It's too hot not to go swimming," she said. "I'm going in." Then she started unbuttoning her blouse.

I watched, rapt with attention as she opened her blouse and took it off. She wore a small, plain white bra. Then she undid the button on her shorts, and slipped out of them. Her bikini panties were also plain and white. I figured that she was going to swim in her underwear, but I was wrong.

"C'mon," she said, "Let's go. I'm not going in alone."

I glance over at my brother, who was peeling off his t-shirt. He gave me a "be cool" look, so I started undressing too. By the time I got my t-shirt off Susan had unfastened her bra and shrugged out of it and was slipping out of her panties. Clare and Nancy were undressing as well, so I followed everyone's lead and stripped off.

Naked, we all walked down to the edge of the lake. I couldn't help looking at the girls in the moonlight and thinking how beautiful they were and how lucky I was to be there. We stood at the edge of the water for a few minutes, talking about how cold the water felt, but basically looking at each other. Nancy was short and voluptuous, her body full and curvy. Susan was petite - somewhat the opposite of Nancy, but with proportionately feminine curves, just on a smaller scale. Clare was a bit taller than the other two, with long blonde hair that reached down to the middle of her back, but now was draped in front of her, alternately hiding and revealing her breasts. These three were beautiful as only college girls are - healthy and alive, innocent and experienced all combined into one. Knowing I was getting awfully close to staring, and perhaps embarrassing myself in another way, I walked into the water. The others followed me.

We swam and splashed and played in the moonlight, the cool water caressing our bodies in the way it only does when you swim in the nude. After an hour or so we came out and sat on the shore, still naked. As we sat waiting to dry off, we talked about life and school and all the things students care about. The moonlight alternately lit up and hid those parts of us that are normally not seen, and we were all aware of each other and our nudity, but none of us did anything more than glance at each other occasionally. We enjoyed each other's beauty, but more importantly, just enjoyed being alive and together in this beautiful place.

We talked through the warm night and, still naked, watched the sun rise over the lake the next morning. Finally, reluctantly, we dressed and returned to town. We ate breakfast at a local coffee shop and then parted. I drove home that day and thought about what had happened all the way. I thought that I'd never forget that night, but I had, until that moment when I passed by the place many years later.

Thank you, DOMAI, for sharing the beautiful women you do with us. I don't know if it was your site or just passing by that place that jogged the wonderful memory of that night, or some combination of the two, but I'm happy that I did remember it, even all these years later.

Bill M

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"Secondly of course I must say what a wonderful website this is! I am another of your growing band of women members (but my husband looks too with me from time to time!) who appreciates the beauty of other women, and how respectfully they are treated on your site. When I signed up I was amazed by the number of gorgeous quality images, and I really look forward to the updates on Mon Wed and Fri each week." - Josie <josie_1960[a-t]>