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In relevance to Marc's wonderful letter below: perhaps it is the new way to introduce yourself as a Sensitive Male to a girl: show her Domai?

Let's face it, a woman probably assumes that a man likes porn, and why not, most of us do. So if you show her Domai, you immediately elevate yourself above the crowd.

And in case she hates it... well, I don't know about you, but I would not want a lasting relationship with anybody (male or female) who had a big problem with something like Domai. That would point to either screwed up "moral" values, or a very unhealthy streak of jealousy.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai

Dear Domai,

I owe you a big thank you! Please let me explain why.

Being a 22 year old graduate student, I was attending a lecture at my university about six months ago. The professor explained we could obtain bonus points for the final exam of that lecture by writing a short report about a certain subject I won't bother you with right now. The assignment should be written in groups of two students. As I had entered the lecture room rather late that day, I was sitting near the door at the last row. Only one student had entered the room even later and had taken a seat next to me at that row. Her name was Gwen. I didn't really know her that well but we had met many times before at different lectures. Gwen was an extremely cute girl with a close to perfect figure and beautiful long, blonde hair. I really liked her and thought this was an excellent chance to get to know her a little better. So obviously I asked her whether she wanted to write this report together with me. Without many hesitations she answered me that she would like to do that. She only had one condition, which was that we had to use my computer, as hers was broken. Of course that wasn't a problem at all. Being both rather busy people during the day we decided to start writing the report the next evening at my place.

The next evening at about 7:30 she showed up at my address. When I opened the door I was astonished by her beauty. She simply looked gorgeous. We talked for a little while before we decided it was time to get to work. Believe me, I had never enjoyed working at any assignment this much. After we had been working on the report with my computer for about an hour I went to the kitchen to make some coffee. Coming back into the room after a few minutes I noticed that she had opened my web-browser and was looking through my bookmarks.

I quickly tried to recall which sites were in the bookmark-list. Being a good boy, fortunately most of these sites are rather innocent. Until suddenly I remembered I had also bookmarked the Domai Newsletter page and the Domai main page. Personally I think your site is for 101% acceptable, but I know many women think that any form of female nudity on the web is wrong and degrading to women (and more of that kind of nonsense). They don't even want to see the difference between a website like, which brings a respectful salute to the pure beauty of the female body, on one side and degrading and disgusting porn sites on the other side. Being a poor student with a constant lack of cash I simply cannot afford myself any memberships to magazines or websites. But being a big fan of I have been a regular reader of the Domai newsletter for quite some time. And as a result of that I had your site bookmarked in my web-browser.

As Gwen was reading through my list of bookmarks I suddenly saw a smile appear on her face. Right away I knew she had noticed the Domai bookmark. As I walked back into the room I asked her what she was doing. She replied that she thought she could really get to know someone by looking what sorts of websites someone visits regularly. Then she started teasing me about the Domai bookmark. Of course I defended myself by saying that this was only a site that appreciated the beauty of the female body and that it was not at all pornographic or degrading. After teasing me for a few more minutes she smiled and admitted that she was familiar with and actually also was a semi-regular visitor herself. She explained that she also thought that there is nothing wrong with enjoying the beauty of nature.

Although there had never been a moment I had thought that I had been doing something wrong by visiting your website, I was still rather relieved to hear that Gwen and I were on the same level on this subject. She told me that she hated these cheap looking porn sites, and had wanted to check whether or not I was one of these guys that visited that sort of websites. Fortunately I wasn't and she really appreciated that. She even appreciated the fact that I visited every now and then.

To make a long story short: we had a really nice evening that day chatting about all sorts of things. A few weeks later she spent her first night at my place and in a few weeks we have been together for half a year. We're really happy and madly in love with each other.

So again: thank you for existing and for breaking the ice that evening which has led to our relationship!

Kind regards, Marc (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

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"I can only wonder how many artists out there, like myself, are sifting through the countless adult-trash sites with the hopes of finding just a few pictures like those you commonly offer. That is... if the word "common" can even be applied to DOMAI. Somehow I don't think so. I would love to tell each of them that yours is the one site that truly respects art and beauty, and actually gives you EXACTLY what it promises. I would even say that it gives us more than it promises." - R. Ware