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If you are ever in doubt if a small compliment can mean much to anybody, read Kevin's two letters below. If beauty is worth appreciating, it is worth appreciating openly.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai

Dear Domai, I wish to relate a story that happened many, many years ago when I was in High School. There was a young lady, named Christy, who attended there the same time I did. She was a red head. Brightly so, but not flaming. She was pretty, not cover girl pretty, but pretty. But the thing that makes me remember most were her freckles. She had more freckles than I had ever seen on anybody.

We had the same science class and every time she walked into the classroom I could see nothing else. I don't know why, but I found her super sexy and could not think of anything else when she was around. I never dreamed of asking her out because I was sure she was dating someone. I was mad at times because I would overhear guys talking about her but not kindly. They made fun of her freckles. Well there was one day I was following her to class and there were two guys standing close and I and I was sure she overheard them say, "Dating her could be fun, you could play connect the dots and see what pictures you could draw."

I thought they were very rude and I noticed she slowed her walk and looked somewhat depressed. We went into the class and she sat down at her desk, I walked past, acted like I dropped my pencil, and as I stood up I said in a low voice "Those two neanderthals wouldn't know true beauty if it bit them on the rear end." She started to laugh and had to cover her mouth to keep from making a scene. I went ahead and went to my desk and sat down. A couple of times I saw her look at me and smile.

The next day we had a lab lesson and she was my lab partner. I got there first and was getting things ready when she walked in. She set her books on her desk took off a sweater she was wearing and there she stood in front of me wearing a sleeveless low cut white top and a mid length tight black skirt. I am not sure, but I think I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open. She walked over and took her lab coat, put it on slowly and sat down next to me and smiled. We started the lab lesson although my mind was not on science.

She opened her notebook, and then excused herself to go to the restroom. I wanted to check that my notes matched hers and was surprised to see a full length photo of her in a bikini. It seemed like hours that I stared at that photo when it was actually only a couple of minutes. She came back and I had an even harder time concentrating. Class ended and we went our ways. The next couple of days I tried to work up the courage to talk to her and ask her out and risk being turned down.

On the third day I made up my mind to ask her, only that day she was not there. She was not there the next three days. I finally worked up the courage to talk to her friend who also was in the science class. She told me that Christy's father was someone that was transferred quite often and suddenly. He had been sent overseas and she had to go. She giggled a little and then said Christy had told her that I was the first guy to think she was pretty.

Christy had left the photo of her on purpose and her friend had watched me to see how I reacted to it. She was impressed that I obviously found the photo exciting and was willing to go out with me. Christy's friend said if she heard from her she would pass the address on. Problem is she never did. Since then I have found freckles sexy even if on a average girl. I have haunted the better sites like yours hoping to find photos of someone like her. Small slim figure, pretty face, and lots of freckles because I have had the desire to know if their breasts are freckled also. Someday I hope to find a photo or photos so that I can answer that question once and for all.

Kevin B

Half a year later we got this letter:

Greetings, I do not know if you remember me writing you or not. I wrote about the missed chance with the freckled girl in high school. I thought that was the end of the story. Well the other day I got a real shock. I was shopping at a large retail store and happened to notice a very attractive lady shopping close by. She had pretty red hair and lots of freckles so I found myself unable to look away. Well she happened to turn around and notice me watching her and as she passed by me she smiled the prettiest smile.

As I started the other direction I heard "excuse me sir", I turned, it was her, "did you happen to go to high school in Hanstad?" I thought it an odd question but I answered "Yes I did, why?" It didn't click until she said "Did you have science with a freckled face girl?" I looked shocked I guess as I stuttered "Yes, you're not..."

I never got to finish the sentence because she ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug. I think she was almost in tears as she said "That one small comment you made to me all those years ago has always been a bright spot I can remember and make any situation better. We have got to talk." Well we both finished our shopping together and then went to a café close by and sat and remembered old times and kind of came up to the present. She asked "Your comment has meant so much to me what can I do to repay your kindness?" And before I could stop myself I said "I would love to see you naked."

Man, I really thought I blew it with that outburst, but she just got an odd look on her face and then changed the subject to ask what I did for a living. I told her I was an electronics tech and worked on printers and faxes. She said "Oh, really, well the gal I am staying with here is having some problems with her fax at home, would you consider taking a look at it?" Thanking the gods for a second chance after my slip, I said I would be happy to.

She said she would check with her friend and call me. I gave her my number and we went our ways. A couple of days passed and she did indeed call and asked if I could come by that afternoon and look at her friends fax. I said I could arrange it, she gave me the address and a time. I was anxious until the time came and I arrived at the house. I got my tools went to the door, rang the bell and she greeted me wearing a bathrobe. She showed me in said she wanted to show me something first so she asked me to sit in the living room. I sat my tools down, sat down looked up and she was standing in front of me with the most impish grin.

She untied the bathrobe opened it up, turned around, and let it drop to the floor. She had nothing on under it and I saw the most beautiful freckled body in front of me she had the figure and look of a goddess. She turned slowly and the view only got better as her still firm breasts, slender thighs and fantastic shaved, freckled mound came into my full view. Her whole body was covered with freckles. I guess I sat there with a really odd look because she started laughing, a loving laugh.

Later, as I was leaving, she said "I have a confession to make, I really wasn't repaying you, I was filling a promise I made to myself, can you forgive me?" It was my turn to laugh and say "I suppose so." We both laughed. She took my hand and we walked back to the living room, She put her bathrobe back on, walked me to the door. There she said "I can't promise to be back or ever call, will you think badly of me if I don't?" I said "my dear Christy, I have seen heaven once, I will never think anything but beautiful thoughts of you." She gave me another hug, a quick kiss on the cheek, turned and closed the door. I don't really ever expect to see her again, I didn't expect to see her after high school. The gods granted my fondest wish, how could I expect more.

Kevin B

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