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Letters to Domai
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Dear Domai,

I'm 18 years old, female, an actress and an artist all around. For over 6 years now I've been dealing with acne *makes icky face* It's alot better than it was and the scars have healed .... though the wounds caused from the teasing and self loathing on the inside are far from closed. I have very low self esteem though there was a point in time when I had none at all. Everyday it's a battle to look myself in the mirror and convince myself I can go out in public.

As I said before, the majority of the outward blemishes have healed, but everytime I look at myself in the mirror, I can still see every flaw on my body and hate myself for it. I never thought I looked good in what I wore and always hid myself under sweatshirts and baggy pants, hats and scarfs. I've only recently worn a bathing suit without a T-shirt over me. (It was a very big deal for me.) So, if I couldn't look at something pretty in the mirror, I would look at something pretty on the computer, but almost everything I came across was over-bareing and not what I was looking for. I wanted something beautiful and honest. Girls who weren't afraid of showing themselves in a natural manner.

After months of casual glancing around, I found your site. I was completely shocked at how stunning these women are! And how effortless they displayed their beauty for their pictures. I myself have a rather large bottom and bosom and curvy features and thought that in order to be considered pretty I had to be skinny.... I was proven wrong. The women on your site have no set mold... they weren't squeezed into cookie-cutter designs and popped out like some machine to make other people feel bad. On the contrary... after a while of looking at these beautiful women.... I myself began to have more confidence.

This was far from a quick change however. Over the past eight months I've looked at the new girl on the home page every morning before I really start my day and I somehow have begun to feel more comfortable with the body I'm in. I'm still getting better. It's still hard to get close to someone without fearing that they may be looking at my face in disgust or talking about me behind my back. I'm still not comfortable wearing a bathing suit without a shirt of some sort though I sometimes can take it off now. My pale skin actually got a tan this past summer. *cheers*

The girls on your site as I have come to the conclusion of, aren't so much 'not afraid'.... but *comfortable*. And thats something thats ment alot to me. Being comfortable in the body your in. It doesn't matter who you are or what shape you have. Being comfortable is the bottom line. If mini skirts are in and your not comfortable wearing them....don't. Theres not need to make yourself feel ugly for the sake of others.

Beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder and I have no doubt what-so-ever that every women is beautiful. Your site has helped me see that there are so many different kinds of love and beauty and there is no defining points to a persom that makes them beautiful compared to 'not' beautiful. There is beauty in every picture on your site and I want to thank *so* much for putting them out there for others to see.

I don't have to be a skinny blond with perky breasts and an ant-waist with perfect skin. I don't have to have satin skin. It's doesn't have to be perfect. And neither do I. *takes a deep breath* I am beautiful. And I want you to know that you helped me come to that. Thank you.


Letter two

It was the start of summer, and we were in paradise. Those were the high hopes we had began our week in Hawaii with. Two girls from down the hall, and my roommate and I had looked forward to this for months! We had lived on the same hallway for two years, and this was our first trip together. Once we arrived however, the weather just would not cooperate.

The first three days turned out rather soggy, throwing a wrench in our plans and our excitement. The island greenery was certainly lush and beautiful, compared to the gloom of a New York winter anyways. It just wasn't as spectacular through the windows of a car.

The rain finally let up by the third day. It was still overcast, but the worst of the clouds had passed. Not to mention that we were tired of being indoors. Some friends from home had recommended a driving tour around Oahu, with several stops along the way, including a short hike in the north shore area. After two days of shopping and touring historical buildings, the driving tour sounded like the perfect way to see Hawaii's beauty up close.

The scenery along the drive certainly did not disappoint. The road snaked along a thin strip of land between the ocean and the mountains. To our right, was the beautiful coast line and beaches. To our left, were the tall, steep cliffs of the central mountain range. There were thin white waterfall strips visible, all along the steep cliffs.

It was not long before we had arrived at the hike's trailhead. The parking area was totally empty, likely due to the rotten weather. Melanie and Jeff, the athletic ones among us, quickly took the lead. They had been going steady for three months already, and were virtually inseparable. They quickly disappeared ahead. Selena and I took our time, taking pictures along the way and enjoying the sights.

Not twenty minutes into the hike, it began to rain. The rain was light and mostly bearable. We had little choice but to continue, because Jeff had the car keys, and the umbrellas were in the car. As the rain soaked into our clothing, Selena's t-shirt clung tightly to her body. The outline of her breasts and nipples were clearly visible, with no evidence of any bra. If she saw any my appreciative glances, she gave no indication.

By the time we arrived at the waterfall and pool, Melanie and Jeff were already in the water. I could only guess that they were both naked, because the two piles of wet clothing included their underwear.

I had planned on jumping in with my shorts, but Selena had no such notions. She shed all of her clothing without a trace of self-consciousness. Time slowed to an utter crawl as the girl I had admired in secret for months, stood in front of me gloriously naked in the rain. Every inch of her beautiful body was revealed, from her soft, lightly-rounded breasts down to her clean-shaven area below. I simply could not help but stare in open admiration. I'm sure she read the direction of my thoughts, as she laughed and told me to "get a move on".

Following our swim, we ate lunch on the rocks, not bothering to put on our sodden clothes. Melanie also had a beautiful, firm body, with slim breasts, and cropped pubic hair. When it was time to leave, I packed up reluctantly. Because we hadn't encounter anyone else on the hike, we didn't bother with our wet clothes as we hiked naked back towards the car. Along the way, I confided with the others that swimming and hiking naked was remarkably amazing and freeing. The others all laughed in agreement.

As the other pair drifted on ahead, I shared privately with Selena that she was absolutely beautiful. She laughed and smiled, then on impulse, took my hand and kissed my cheek. When we reached the car, her hand still held mine.

That day marked the turning point of the vacation, at least for me. The weather continued to be crummy the rest of the week, but I barely even noticed it. The memory of that hour at the waterfall, and the days (and years) to follow with Selena made that week the best week of my life.


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