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Two letters to Domai

Dear Domai,

Hello! Recently I have enjoyed your newsletter. I have a story from when I was in my high school days. Your site has taught me not to be ashamed or embarrassed about this experience that I have kept secret from most friends for years.

I first enjoyed the beauty of a female body the summer between ninth and tenth grade. I had just finished the school year of my life in which I made many friends including a girl named Amanda. We were friends and that was it but she knew that I was interested in her friend Natalie. Natalie was about 5-8. She was very thin and had beautiful red hair.

As the we left school on the last day of school, we vowed to get together as often as possible that summer. As much as we both tried, this was harder than we expected. As the middle of August approached, we still had not seen each other. I called her and we decided to have a small gettogether with some close friends at her house. I knew that there was a pool so I brought my bathing suit and told my friends to do likewise.

Amanda told all of her friends to do so but "forgot" to mention it to Natalie. Amanda had decided to spice up my summer! When we arrived at Amanda's house, everybody headed out back to the pool which shocked Natalie. She turned bright red when she realized she hadn't brought a bathing suit to a pool party. As Natalie began to head inside to get someone to bring her swimsuit, Amanda began trying to talk her into forgetting the swimsuit and getting in naked. Amanda finally got Natalie to do it when she said she would go in without a swimsuit, too.

The girls went inside and emerged ten minutes later wrapped in bath robes. They gracefully walked over to the chairs and let the robes slide to their feet. I focused my attention on Natalie. Her chest had petite, but very perky breasts that took the breath out of me. It was clear that she did not let them out in the sunlight, for you could see the clear outline of a bikini top. As my eyes drifted down, I saw a patch of neatly trimmed red hair. She was very unsure of herself at first but quickly became accustomed to the new feeling and began frolicking around in the water.

That afternoon, I also had a chance to appreciate Amanda's body. Amanda was about 3 inches shorter than Natalie and had tremendous curves. Her hair was a mousy blond. It flowed straight down to her middle back. Amanda had a pair of rather large breasts that stood upright like a soldier. She was completely shaven in her pubic area.

Nudity was obviously not new for Amanda, for her golden tan covered every square inch of her smooth skin. I had never looked at Amanda in this way because we were friends and neither of us wanted to jeopardize this. That day, our relationship forever changed. As Amanda swam around carelessly, I realized that I had to be closer to her.

I took her aside that afternoon as people began to leave, and thanked her for a great afternoon. Then I asked Amanda if she wanted to date me. She eagerly agreed and we are now engaged to be married this January. We have had many nude swims since that day and they are one of the most prized parts of our relationship.

Sincerely, Joel S

I must say I am a little surprised at myself for writing to you, although I have thought of it more than once. I am a Christian minister, and grew up in a family with a strict taboo concerning nakedness. For a long time I was ashamed to admit that I enjoy gazing upon the beauty of the human body, especially that of the fairer sex. But over the course of time, I have come to see the very important difference between pornography, (as you describe quite well in your October 1st letter), and the appreciation of the beauty that the Creator has given to a woman's body. Your wonderful website has been a source of innocent joy and wholesome enjoyment for me for quite a while now.

It has also inspired me to try my hand at some photos as well! After a time of great reticence, I got up the courage to ask a close relative of mine and then a dear friend if they were willing to pose for me in the nude. To my great joy, (and not a little surprise) they each agreed to open up and share of their beauty, posing in the nude for what I consider to be photos of their BEAUTY and not even just of their bodies. (I love how a simple gaze or an engaging grin brings out the personality of many of your models. I have tried to bring out something of the personality of my modelsā in my photos too because that is part of their beauty.)

Well, in the process of the photo sessions, some wonderful things happened. I found that I was truly excited, but discovered that my excitement was not sexual. Rather it was the simple enjoyment of the beauty of these two truly lovely women. And I found that my pleasure was quite innocent! Also, I experienced the satisfaction of using my photographic talents to reveal some measure of their true loveliness, and do it in the best light for them.

At the same time, I had the joy of seeing each of these two women open up as a budding flower does before the warming sun, overcoming a deep-rooted embarrassment about their own bodies. In fact, they are each quite lovely! But it seemed they hadn't been able to acknowledge their beauty, until our photo sessions (and my quite honest admiration) made it easier for them to recognize their own loveliness. As an unexpected by-product of our photo-sessions, their trust in me (in a situation that is, after all, quite vulnerable) served to deepen our friendship more than a little bit.

So thank you, Eolake, for your bringing to the web a site which fosters a simple appreciation of what I consider God's crowning masterpiece of nature, the beauty of woman. And thanks even more for inspiring me to try my own hand at portraying some of that beauty through the photographic art.

Sincerely - James

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"I can hardly wait for each of your posts, the p.y.g.'s on your site are some of the most beatiful I've ever seen. You show the world that a naked girl should be seen as she really is, a rare and beautiful thing. Most other sites debase the girl in some way but you never do and I want to thank for that. Yours is a site that I would be proud to show to my own daughters. And have." - Brian <brianmorrill[at]