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It seems I am not beyond surprise yet. I have been told by a resident that the US state of Michigan not only have had bookstores stoned for carrying Harry Potter books (satanic, donchaknow), and has many people who think Rush Limbaugh is too liberal, but it also has a law which makes it punishable with up to one year in prison to be seen in public nude, all the same time the maximum punishment for beating your spouse is three months!

No siree, my upbringing in laid-back ol' Denmark did not prepare me for people like that.

Update: a correspondent from Michigan tells me that these punishments are not what is used in practice, and that Michigan is not at all in general like this. That is a fair point, and I was just trying to illustrate a particular mindset, not paint a particular state with a black brush. Of course some parts of Denmark, and England where I live now, also have these attitudes.

2nd update: this just in from a long-time Domai member:
I just have to comment on the Michigan observations. My spouse and I lived in Grand Rapids for several years. This is the heart of the conservative Michiganders. Very nice city, I might add. It has a very large Dutch descendant population with an attendant Dutch Reform Church presence.

Even though Michigan has laws that seem pretty extreme regarding nudity, they also have some of the finest nudist parks in the upper Midwest. I can attest to that personally. We have been to four in the lower peninsula: Turtle Lake, Forest Hills, Sunshine Gardens, and Whispering Oaks. I know of at least one other in that state.

So, you see there are folks with some sense that live there. These nudist parks have existed for decades there without any trouble. In fact, Sunshine Gardens near Battle Creek is one of the oldest parks in the USA. That is where my wife and I had our first time outdoors nude. A mile walk in the woods completely nude was one of the most exhilarating and freeing experiences I have ever had in my life. - Kent

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Letters to Domai

Dear Domai

In the early summer of 1995, a friend of mine tried to convince me that her college roommate and I would be a perfect match for each other. Since I normally didn't like being set up like that (plus the fact they were 2 _ hours away from me on the West Coast of Michigan), we didn't make the connection. Toward the end of the summer, my friend threw a barbecue back home (near Detroit, where we both grew up) and invited her friend Corrine. Soon after I got there, I noticed this beautiful young Asian woman with a great smile and beautiful curves. When I asked my friend who she was, Sara said, "That is the roommate I've been trying to fix you up with the past couple of months." , Sara introduced me to Corrine and we got to talk a little bit at the barbecue. She was a very sweet and charming girl who, despite being 21 and a college senior, was still pretty innocent and had kept her virtue in more ways than one. As I was about to leave, Corrine invited myself and Sara to visit her in a couple of weeks. She lived near the college she and my friend attended and suggested we come out for a day to go to the beach. Sara and I both quickly agreed and we picked a date.

When the day came, I picked up Sara and we drove 2 _ hours out to see Corrine. It was a gorgeous day, 80 degrees with only a couple of clouds in the sky. The beach we went to was known only to the locals and you had to climb a staircase over 200 steps to get over the sand dune to reach it. It was a perfect day and since it was during the week, there were only a few moms with their kids to share the beach with us. Sara commented to Corrine how beautiful it was and asked if she came there often with her friends. Corrine replied that she and her friends had come there late the previous Saturday night for a swim. Sara laughed and said, "Corrine, you guys were out here skinny dipping, weren't you?" Corrine smiled and sheepishly admitted it was true. I quietly smiled and was glad to hear that not only was she a great girl, but she also had a little bit of an adventure streak in her.

We had a great time playing on the beach for a few hours. As it got to late afternoon, I was looking forward to joining these two lovely ladies for dinner back in town, then coming back to the beach to watch the sunset that evening before making the long drive back home. As we were heading back to the car, Sara said to me, "We better get going now, since I've got plans tonight." She hadn't mentioned anything to me, so I protested. However, like every other argument I've had with a woman in my life, I lost and we took Corrine home before driving back to Detroit. However, when we dropped off Corrine, she invited me to call her so we could get together for dinner one night and go back to the beach to watch the sunset. I graciously accepted and wrote down her phone number.

I called Corrine and we set up a date for about two weeks later, a few days after Labor Day. We would have both started school by that point, but the weather was still going to be warm and beautiful. Corrine told me to bring a swimsuit so we could go swimming as we watch the sunset. I was excited to see a little more of her, as she wore shorts and a t-shirt on our first trip to the beach.

I counted down the days until our date approached. The week before, the temperature was in the 90's every day and a late night swim was a requirement before getting to sleep each night. However, the night before I drove out to see her, a cold front moved in and lowered the high temperature to a balmy 68 degrees. I was a little disappointed, but I figure that if the water was warm, we could still jump in and enjoy it.

I made dinner for her at her place and we had a great time. After dinner, she suggested that we head to the beach before it got too late to catch the sunset. She went upstairs to go change and came back down with a pair of heavy sweats on over her clothes. "It's probably too cold to go swimming, but we can walk along the beach and watch the sunset." I was disappointed at not getting to see more of her, but I figured that a walk on the beach with a beautiful and charming woman was still an incredible evening.

We got to the beach and started to walk barefoot and talk as we watched the sunset. It was truly one of the most amazing sunsets I'd ever scene. Every once in a while, we'd wade a little into the water and be amazed at how warm it felt. After doing this a couple of times, Corrine said she wished she had worn her swimsuit so we could go swimming. I just laughed and we moved along. A little while later, she said the same thing. At this point, I told her that we could go swimming in our underwear (which is about the same as a swimsuit). Or, I said, we were both adults and could go skinny dipping like she and her friends did. She smiled and said, "It sounds like fun, but I'm not too sure about that." I dropped the subject and we continued along.

As we got back to the beach entrance, the sun was down the almost-full moon was shining brightly in the sky. The temperature had dropped to the low 60's with a stiff breeze coming off of Lake Michigan. Corrine quietly stood ankle deep in the water for a few minutes and finally said, "We should go swimming, but I have a confession to make first.", "I'm listening." I tried to keep cool as my heart suddenly raced with excitement.

"When I said I went skinny dipping with my friends a few weeks ago, I lied to you. I actually only went topless and it was all girls. Most of the girls were naked, but another friend and I, I don't know why, just took off our bras and went in with our panties on. I kind of wish I had just gone completely naked. I felt awkward going like I did, but my friends that were naked seemed like they were having so much fun.", With that, she started to take off her sweats. I joined her and tried not to act like I was excited as I was. As we slowly removed our clothes, I asked her if she was planning to go in her bra and panties. She smiled and said she was going all the way this time. I just smiled and kept undressing.

Seeming reassured, she slowly started to take off her shirt. I turned around and quickly dropped my shorts and underwear. Before her shirt came off, she stopped and said she couldn't do it. At this point, I was completely naked. I didn't know this girl really well, so I figured I better not push it. "OK, no problem. But as long as I'm naked, I might as well go in." With that, I ran into the surf and dove in.

As I started to splash around, Corrine turned back to her clothes and started to get dressed. When she looked over at me, I told her how great the water felt. With that, she turned back around and continued getting undressed. As I watched her from the water, I was amazed at what I saw. Although only 5'1", she had great curves and muscular legs. Her flat stomach and toned rear end showed that she definitely took good care of her body. When she finally took off her bra, the moonlight showed off her firm breasts that we just right for her body. After covering herself up with her hands and arms for a moment, she said, "Oh, what the hell," and ran into the water.

For the next ten minutes, we swam and splashed around in the water, just laughing and experiencing the pure joy of a moment like that. The setting was like something out of a movie: the moonlight across the water, the stars up above us, waves coming in from the lake. I had been skinny dipping before, but never in a setting like this. Corrine seemed like she was enjoying this more than I was.

It was time to get going, so we got out, dried off, and sat, naked and shivering, on the beach for a few minutes before getting dressed. Corrine still had a big smile on her face and said, "I have to admit that I was pretty scared getting undressed. I've never really been naked in front of a guy before. But when I saw you splashing around and enjoying yourself, I though back to when my friends and I were here and how much more fun my friends had because they were completely naked. I have never felt as free as I do right now. I always equated skinny dipping with sex, but it's more about just being free and enjoying who you are. We'll definitely have to do that again.", I just laughed as we got dressed and headed back for the car. When we got back to her place, she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I had a long drive back home, but that great memory kept me going all the way.

We never did go swimming together again. We only went out one more time before we realized that the relationship wasn't worth the distance we had to travel for each date. I haven't been back to that beach (or seen Corrine) in almost ten years now, but I still have a wonderful, unique memory of that night. I had a wonderful experience and got to help some realize just how fun and innocent being nude could be.

Michael D

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