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April 1, 2005

Censorship in the EU!

It is with some sadness and rather late in the game that I must inform you that the days of full nudity on the free parts of web sites is pretty much over, at least on those web sites which (like DOMAI) are European.

The European Union has decided in its infinite wisdom to put laws in effect from today, 2005-04-1, which prohibits any showing of nipples or pudenda on web sites which can be accessed by minors (meaning anybody under 22 in some countries in the union).

The law was sneaked in as a sub-clause in a new law about (if you can believe it) labeling of dairy products!

Obviously such sneakiness has upset many people, and I am confident that the law will eventually be repealed, but for now we have to follow it. And for the time being only paid members will have access to the full beauty of DOMAI girls.

Anyway, did you notice the date yet? April one? April Fool, dear sir. Click on the images to get the full uncensored versions, like always.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Update: Now that April the first has passed, I wish to thank everybody for the hundreds of very positive letters that poured in on this one, in less than a day. Many had gotten very upset indeed before realizing they were the April Fool and laughing their head off.
And indeed this joke was almost too close for comfort. There is a very large minority in many western countries which would like nothing better than to have all nudity banned by law. Interestingly, these are usually the same people who find nothing obscene at all about war and violence.
Me, I think the world has two types of people (those who divide people into two types and those who don't...), those who want more openness and freedom, and those who want more laws and barriers.

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