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Letters to Domai
(one of two)

Hi friends!

I have been a great fan of domai since the first day I discovered it about an year ago. Especially of the newsletter. I also feel like sharing an episode which happened when I was growing up and was around fourteen. I am writing this from India and a little background would put things in perspective.

Though India is the land of Kamasutra (the manual of making love), composed hundreds of years ago, the Indian Society has somehow broken away from its glorious past and relapsed into prudishness. The recent influence of technology and western lifestyle is, however opening it up again, though not always towards better appreciation of beauty. It has only converted female beauty from reproduction to mass-scale titillation industry.

Our school was a double storied building and our classroom was on the first floor at one of the corners facing east. The building adjacent to our school was a primary school. The two schools were separated by an unpaved corridor. Some construction activity was underway in the adjoining school and some of the labourers engaged in construction were female.

On a sunny day, when the teacher had not turned up, I noticed that the boys (it was a boys only school) gathering near the windows - they were rather large windows - and giggling. I also joined this small group and discovered that they were watching the female labourers bathing and washing in an bathroom improvised around water taps marked off-limits for students due to construction activity. These female labourers, around five had gathered there with their children as there was some lull in the construction activity or perhaps it was their day off. All of them seemed to be in their twenties except one who appeared to be rather old and appeared to shepherd the others. All of them must have been married because in lower income groups, marriage at an early age is the rule. Though the location of this improvised bathroom was screened with walls and a makeshift door, it had no roof. To our good fortune, this bather's paradise was located in the adjoining school at the ground level across the unpaved corridor giving us a good view from our first floor classroom. The bathers were however, unaware of these young admirers on the first floor.

The women were bathing wrapped in thin cotton sarees (a saree is a garment wrapped around body by Indian females). However, they had gotten rid of their blouses and petticoats (an Indian petticoat is a long skirt worn inside a sari) so that they could wash them. They were having fun by throwing water on each other and giggling and laughing loudly while they took turns at washing and bathing. The older woman was watchfully guarding the makeshift door but oblivious of the uncovered roof.

The water had made their thin sarees cling to their bodies shaped by hard work. Since we were watching from above, we could fully view the curves of the women. One of the women had large breasts with big brown nipples. She appeared to be the mother of the two children accompanying them. The water must have been cold because her nipples appeared to be taut insider here wet saree whenever we got a view of them. She was an incarnation of fertility and we appreciated her amazonian beauty while she rinsed the clothes in a bucket bending rhythmically and exposing the exquisite cleavage of her posterior.

One of the women then decided that she wanted to have a more thorough bath. We gasped as she unwrapped her saree from her upper body. The first sight of the droplets on her beautifully balanced breasts reflecting sunlight dazzled us and our group of young voyeurs became speechless. Her navel seemed to be strategically located at her sloping belly and our eyes strained for more as her soaked saree, now without lack of anchorage of her breasts exposed more of her belly and the cleft of her upper hips.

We were shocked out of our daylight dream by a shrill abusing voice. This was the older women who had spied us watching the females and she ordered the females to dress up quickly while she unleashed her chastening tirade on us. All of us immediately got away from the window and ran out of the classroom lest we were recognised.

For at least a week after that, we could not garner enough courage to go near that window to heaven again.

However, what I remember even more than the female beauty was the happy smile on the face of that topless beauty, when days later, while she was working, I noticed her looking towards the window that held her young admirers.

Vikram S

Letters to Domai
(two of two)

I am a young man in college, studying computer programming/engineering, and I can say that my some of my downtime from my work is well spent enjoying the photos of beautiful women that your site has to offer. In a way, seeing these girls stripped to their bare essentials and expressing joy and happiness (whether they are joyful to be nude, or nude because they are joyful) helps to calm my sometimes overworked nerves and lower my stress levels when they're getting a bit oh-so-high.

There's something else it has done for me (and continue's to do even now): destroy the sex cliche associated with women, especially nude ones. Here in the United States, there is a big hypocritical issue of nudity and sexuality. It's okay for a pop tart to get on TV and be completely clothed but to be as seductive and sexual as possible, and encourage some man to get off on that. That only furthers the cliche, if you ask me, as a man views this woman more as a "sex object" than a beautiful piece of Creation. But it's allowed. As a matter of fact, in today's society, it's encouraged. However, nudity is not. Complete nudity (in an open public setting, of course) is banned in all forms, and the very thought of it is "sin", or "misconduct".

Let me give this example. I have two friends, a male and female, who are my age, but plan on marrying in the near future. Now, it's not at all uncommon for them to kiss and touch each other, to fondle one another, and to talk about sex (even though they abhere from actual intercourse before marriage for religious reasons) and all that jazz, and they're fine with that. They're alright with making each other's hormones go on a ballistic rage. However, mention anything regarding nudity, as in swimming nude (even if it's amongst other people who are doing the same thing) or whatever, and it's "Why would I participate in sin?" Maybe I'm the only one who sees hypocrisy in this circumstance, but it seems the message is "It's okay to stimulate each other sexually but just being nude, whether or not there are sexual tendancies involved, is wrong."

Well, I think this hypocrisy is not so much a religious issue, or even an opinion, so much as it is a societal upbringing that influences viewpoints. Society encourages sexuality but discourages nudity. Somewhere along that line, the line is blurred and the two become one (thanks in large part to the porn industry). Sexuality IS nudity, or vice versa. And of course, since men are the "sex machines", women are merely the "sex objects." Of course, nudity is certainly a captivating sight. But is it simply because of sexual appetites? Sadly, a lot of times it is. And because society has pushed "sexuality" so hard, women are now not only subjected to the role of mere sex objects, they actually accept that role!

I used to be this way. Sexuality was nudity. If I saw a nude female, my first thought was "SEX!" Because of that, the body of a female exemplified sex. Eventually, everything about the female was sex this, sex that, sex, sex, sex. Eventually, sex and women became dull and uninteresting because my priorities were ill placed. Women are not just sex objects, they are beautiful creatures with their own needs and desires, and they're a lot more mysterious and interesting than just something to hump.

Thanks to DOMAI, I was able to comprehend this more. I see your girls, who are normal, every day people, and they're naked, without putting forth a "sex object" appearance, but rather, a joyful appearance, as if they're Eve in the Garden of Eden without a worry in the world, and life is perfect. They seem to touch at the very core of the human essence. After all, they were born naked, why not enjoy being naked, even as an adult? And seeing them as being naked without trying to be sexual about it makes me appreciate the beauty, essence, and spirit of these girls (as well as all girls in general) without having to be bombarded with thoughts of sex, therefore my views of girls and what they are are no longer warped.

Frankly, with this better understanding of the difference between sex and nudity, and just about women, I think that when I have my own woman in my life, it'll be 100 times better because I'll be able to love HER and not her sex, although I'm sure I'll love that too :) And all because I got rid of the "sex cliche".

Eric C

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