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The only things which ever really hurt us are those things which are kept as mysteries or secrets.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai

Dear Domai

I have very fond memories of childhood. The discovery of all the amazing things in the world is what makes this an exciting time. One experience that really stands out in my mind is time I was in Japan as a kid. My family was living there temporarily and my father tried to show me all of the wonders of that country.

One morning, he brought me to a hot spring resort, a place where many Japanese relax in natural warm waters. As we entered the place, a woman from his office approached and told him he was needed back there immediately. He talked with the secretary for a moment, and then turned to speak to me. He introduced her as Ms. Fiori and said that she would take me into the hot springs while he made a quick trip to the office. She was a very friendly and delicate looking young woman and I trusted her right away. Dad said goodbye, and Ms. Fiori lead me inside. She told me the springs were divided into men's and women's sections, and that I would have to accompany her into the women's area. It was not uncommon for women to bring children there, even if they were male.

We opened a wooden door and stepped into a small changing room. Ms. Fiori told me to take off my clothes and place them on the shelf. I realized that no bathing suits were worn here, and that all bathers went nude. As we started to undress, I watched her unbutton her pink blouse. She removed it, and then pulled down the zipper on the side of her skirt.

"Have you seen a woman with no clothes?" she asked as the skirt fell.

"Nope" I said, feeling more than a bit nervous.

She smiled, "Oh, very special time for you." She unhooked her bra and removed it.

I was amazed. Her smooth round breasts were perfect. It looked like the most brilliant artist had carved them. Their rosy little nipples were magnificent. She stood with her hands on her hips and seemed to enjoy posing for me. She giggled and her bosom wobbled. I really liked what I was seeing, and she could tell.

"Watch this," she laughed. She shook her torso side to side quickly so that her breasts swayed back and forth. I laughed at the sight. She hopped in the air a couple of times and her breasts bounced. This was very entertaining.

"Ok, enough play" she said, "Finish getting undressed so we can get to the spring."

She bent over to slide down her panties. I liked how her breasts hung down when she leaned forward. Both of us were now nude. I looked at her delicate belly. Her skin was so incredibly soft and smooth all over. Her navel was a cute little vertical orifice. Down below it was the dark pubic area where many strands of black hair clustered together to form a soft triangular tuft.

She opened the door and walked out with me behind her. As I followed, I admired her curving body. The waist narrowed and the hips spread out. Her buttocks were smooth round hemispheres that flexed alternately as she walked. We approached the spring and found it looked much like a small pool. A tiny waterfall flowed down the far bank over rocks that lined the edge. There were two women currently immersed in the bubbling water. Ms. Fiori introduced me to Ms. Tanaka, and Mrs. Yamato. We slipped into the hot water slowly. It was much like getting into a bath. I looked at our new companions with some interest. The water came up to just below their chests. Ms. Tanaka told me she was a teacher. She had large, soulful eyes and a beautiful small mouth. Her neck was graceful and I liked the shape of her collarbones. Her breasts were simply gorgeous. Their shape was a bit different from Ms. Fiori's. Though still rounded, they pointed forward more so their tips were like fleshy peaks. She had large nipples that stood straight out.

Mrs. Yamato had a pleasant round face with a short haircut. She introduced herself as a newspaper writer. She had a broad smile and made you feel comfortable right away. Her breasts were smaller, but wonderfully shaped. They were smooth globes, perfectly round with dark, stiff nipples.

We talked about the things my family had been doing in Japan. All three women knew English quite well. Ms. Tanaka asked me if I played baseball, and we talked about how her students enjoyed it. Mrs. Yamato asked if I had ever bathed with adult women like this, and I told her that such things didn't happen much back home. She asked if I was learning a lot, and I told I definitely was. We all laughed at that. Ms. Fiori said something to her in Japanese while pointing to her own breasts. The other two women giggled at that.

As the Ms. Tanaka and Mrs. Yamato talked to each other, Ms. Fiori leaned toward me and pointed at the change room area, "You see those two over there?" Two nude girls in their teenage years were walking toward the springs. "Their bodies are blossoming into womanhood right now."

Both girls were very slim with long legs. Their breasts were small, but prominent, as if just beginning to make their presence known. "Soon," said Ms. Fiori, "their bosoms will become as well-developed as those of Ms. Tanaka, or Mrs. Yamato, or they might even be like those of Ms. Kasagi." She pointed to the far side of the spring. There was a woman there who was just entering the water and coming toward us. She had lovely pale skin and her breasts were extremely large and heavy looking. "We always joke," whispered Ms. Fiori, "that Ms. Kasagi has a great load to carry... hee, hee."

Ms. Kasagi waded toward us and spoke in a very soft and nimble voice, "Good afternoon everyone. Who is this little man you have brought?" I spoke to her as best as I could. I liked her dark eyelashes and full lips. I thought her breasts were a wonder of nature! They hung down like great ski slopes on a mountainside. The nipples were huge round pink areas, bigger than saucers. She was so close to me that I could see faint traces of veins beneath the white skin.

As our time was nearly at an end, she told me it was time to leave the spring. We climbed out of the water. We said goodbye to everyone there. We got dressed and headed outside. My father soon came to pick me up. He asked if it had been an educational experience for me. I said that I had never thought that learning could be so enjoyable. I had seen the marvels of nature and would always remember them.


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