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Last Sunday I was up early for once. (To quote Robert Heinlein: "Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.") I went for a walk in the quiet town.

When my favorite cafe opened, it was obviously relatively quiet, so the waitresses had time to chat with me. I ordered a cappucino and a pain au chocolat. I usually call it a "chocolate pain", and I told the girls of the time when I was sternly corrected by a lady who said that the correct term was pain au chocolat. I has said to her that I could not pronounce the French terms, and "chocolate pain" was easier. She did not get the joke at all.

Fortunately the waitressed seemed to, and a fun time was had by all. One of them was a trainee, a pretty young lady of mixed descent. The other was a wonderfully beautiful woman who I think has some spanish in her ancestry, due to the shape of her face. Her smile is like a sunburst.

There is something about pretty women which just puts the icing on one of my favorite activities, a cafe visit.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai


I am a fairly new member to your web site, about four months. I just wish express a feeling I have recently felt looking at your beautiful women. Before I tell you what happened to me I will tell you how I came about it.

Before I became a member I found myself always coming back to your web site hoping for new pictures. I did not understand why I was always coming back to your web site or why I favored your women more than any other women on the web.

One day I decided to give myself a gift by becoming a member. I never thought a gift could be so underestimated. There are so many women depicted in such a wonderful manner. I loved it. Then, before I knew it became more overwhelming than I could stand. I felt I was being rude looking at the nude women. I knew that the women on your web site are far from being embarrassed of their bodies but nonetheless I felt rude for looking. I would try ways to escape from that rudeness which followed me. I would look at the women who have the most amount of joy running through their souls, but it would not work. Sometimes I felt un-human to look.

Well recently I took a vacation away from home and a break away from your web site. The trip took a week and a half. So I knew that when I would come back and revisit the site there would be a lot of updates in the members' section I had missed. Well, before I could come back I accidentally bumped shoulders with a woman with beauty only god could have given her. I tried to talk to her, but I started to stumble over my own words. I did not care. I tried my dearest to grab hands of this goddess.

One word lead to another and if it was really meant to be she would have to contact me back. I thought to myself that it would be wonderful to have her but if it is not meant to be then it is not meant to be. This time it was meant to be. I tell you what, that night with her was so amazing I could not believe it happened to me. And the weird thing was that it was a simple dinner and nothing more.

We parted and scheduled for another meeting. I then came home relaxed and energized. I was not in the mood of visiting but for some reason I did. I noticed the new updates and started to look. And for the first time I did not feel rude for looking. For the first time I really enjoyed looking at these women's beautiful bodies and beautiful minds. I felt this way for I was looking at them with all of the beauty they possessed in them. I did not know until now what was happening. This whole time I had been acknowledging the women's beauty and I felt sinful for looking. From becoming a member of I subconsciously learned of the beauty women possess, both body and mind. Yet I still felt rude for looking. But then that all went away when someone taught me it is okay to look.

When I bumped shoulders with the girl I had dinner with I looked at her with all of the beauty she possess. And at dinner I looked deep in her eyes. The first thing I saw was her gorgeous body and with such stunning eyes. But when we were talking more I then saw her amazing soul which she was sharing with me. Me? Why me? I did not ask why. I just went along with it for I did not want it to end. Women are the most beautiful creatures on Earth and when I realized one of them was actually sharing herself with me I felt I have been truly gifted a wonderful gift of life.

I believe I would not be able to appreciate women's true beauty without your help. Thank you. Your web site has truly affected my life in way I understand and yet to understand. In the meantime I will be looking forward to your updates and my next meeting with this girl of mine.

Sal C.

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"The young women portrayed are absolutely beautiful,tasteful and honor the beauty of the female form. [...] The membership, affordable -- the images... outstanding. There is so much filth on the internet, it is truly rewarding to find a site that treats women with dignity and respect. Each time I view your offerings, I sit back in awe of the beauty of a woman, and the artists that captures it on film." - Respectfully, R. J. Pine

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