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Letters to Domai

I was discussing some issues with Pornography with a fellow nudist on a nude hike. We both concluded that Pornography represents the Dark side, and beauty the Light side. Faced with a growing Porn addiction in my early twenties, my mother called me on it and got me to confess. Actually, it was after that I realized that I had a problem so I sought answers through prayer. The answers I got were nudism; nudism was staring me in the face on a Yahoo search engine

I investigated nudism, and its philosophies run so much counter to pornography it isn't even funny. So I adopted it as my own. Having received the light that our bodies are beautiful, I couldn't be entertained by pornography anymore. So the cure for a pornography addiction is this

Seek the beauty and the truth about how our bodies really are. Once in the light, and if you have self respect, Pornography becomes something that is undesired. Everything is 'laid bare' as far as pornography is concerned. The philosophies of nudism and naturism: the body is sacred and beautiful as a whole, etc.; are counter to the philosophy of Pornography: the body is evil. Pornography is the evil exploitation of nudity and sex, while Nudism and Naturism are the exact opposites

For pornography to survive, it requires a culture where the pendulum swings extremely wide between repression of nudity and sex and permissiveness of sex and the exploitation of nudity. For pornography to die, a culture has to accept nudity as natural and beautiful and not seek to exploit it

In my culture, Pornography is resisted on a superhuman level. It is preached against, yet no attempt is made to find a universal solution to the problem.  In fact, in some instances, the problem has been made worse.  Most people of my culture who change usually ignore the problem: a desire to see the body as it actually is. They repress this desire, and in so doing, seek to repress the desire in others, usually their children. I didn't. And I’m blessed that I tackled this problem head on. As a LDS nudist, I accept my nudity and the nudity of others as a natural blessed thing: and so much more. Since accepting this truth, the door has been opened to new, powerful truths for me to learn

DOMAI, although still fantasy, accepts this reality that simple beauty is an effective treatment for Pornography. If more men who are of my culture and religious denomination and view pornography have viewed this site; they would be on the road to recovery. I don't know if you understand the significance of your quiet revolution, but I do.

Sincerely, Elton R

What a fantastic site. Even though I am a female I appreciate beauty in other gorgeous girls (especially now I am post-baby years and no longer retain the svelte figure I once had.) So many people are conditioned from birth to cover and hide the body. Yet it is so beautiful in its true form. Children happily run around nude until conditioned by society to do otherwise. The Hippie era saw many people revoke such needless conditioning but unfortunately also presented the nude form as something more sexual.

I remember as a young girl visiting my uncle's house and happily devouring the amazing pictures in the Playboy magazines he kept there. As a child all I saw was the beauty of the female form. In my rebellious teens I loved to 'shock' or 'impress' people with my own beautiful form by going braless with see-through tops. Both reactions boosted my self esteem, for those I impressed I loved that they appreciated my body as much as I did and for those who seemed shocked I loved the fact that I was 'rocking their world' and possibly making them more open to the beauty of the human form.

The whole world needs beautifying and I hope this site continues to inspire beauty with its wonderful pictures and stories.


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