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Below you'll find a roundup of comments on the fine-arts model issue, and the small-breast issue. Both of them got great amounts of mail.

Like I have said before: it seems to me that simple minds confuse quantity with quality. That seems to be the long and the short of it.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai

I for one like breasts on the smaller side of the scale. Lucia Bill's comments STILL sound like she is making excuses for smaller breasts.

Big or small is fine with me, as long as they're "carbon based" as a friend of mine once put it.

Funny thing about all this is that what's REALLY sexy is confidence. Not much challenge in being confident with big breasts. The real twist on it all is when a small breasted woman struts her stuff knowing she's sexy... she is. It also has a more active sort of spin on it, as in she'll do things to you. As opposed to a large breasted woman who can come off as.. here they are, don't you want to play with them?

The two scenarios would likely play out with the small breasted woman much more engaged with eye contact. It seems a more intense sort of connection, to me anyway.

What is most ironic about those who get breast implants.... it's a way of announcing to the world, in a rather dramatic fashion, that you aren't confident in your own skin... literally. That you are insecure, and that you feel lacking.....this is never sexy.

So, to my mind a small breasted woman (all other things being equal) is always preferable to a surgically augmented woman. The turned out upper lip surgery is the Coup de Gras... no, no, no, no thank you. I sometimes see these women and think ..."She looks like she was probably cute before all that surgery."

It's all a matter of taste of course, but a great many of us out there want real women, not surgical impostors.

As a 45 year old I can clearly remember the days when Playboy touted the effortless natural beauty of the 'girl next door'. Sadly those days seem to have passed us by as the magazine now shows an endless parade of augmented women. Maybe I'm just an old fart, who can't get with the times... but these women actually turn me off.

As an artist who's seen plenty of female flesh, I can tell you that breast implants almost never look like real breasts. At their worst they look like some sort of painful abscess that would explode if you touched them.. I don't know what's sexy about that look, but it's definitely not for this guy.

Augmented breasts often don't even point in the right direction. Never mind that they don't move right, or anything else.

No, I pine for the well proportioned woman.. trim, fit and with breasts that definitely tend toward the smaller side of the scale. Give me the girl next door... you can have the rest.

I could also add that smaller breasts look much better than their larger counterparts as the years roll by.

Just my opinion mind you.

- Kevin

Letters to Domai 2

It was never my intention to write on the following subject but since it was brought up, I thought I'd put my 2 cents into this discussion.

There was a letter in your most recent newsletter from a former male model who presented his somewhat different take on the live model topic from the previous newsletter. I would not say I as ever 'well paid' to pose as a figure study model (nude) but it helped me pay the bills going through college and I have since kept it up on a rather non-regular basis. Last year I had 3 jobs posing for three different people. At 42 I seem to still be in demand but that may be as much for my nontypical physique which is best described as tall, slim and trim, as it is also for my ordinary 'every guy' looks. My experience as a model is that artists and photographers are looking more for the average kind of guy than the spectacular, quite different from what they seem to desire in female models.

I never worked more than one job a day and rarely ever more than 2 in a week after graduating college. Before that I posed for the art and photography classes sometimes several times a day. As it was pointed out more than one job in a day can get to be quite stressful as it does indeed involve far more than just 'sitting there'.

Another thing I would like to mention is that I very much preferred posing for photographers than artists. There is a whole different approach and mindset to posing for a camera rather than a canvas, but it is not really any less stressful. It does indeed take a lot out of me to do this sort of work but at the same time I enjoy it and yes, there is a bit of exhibitionism in me as I believe there is in all models of this type.

I do have a sense that females have it easier than males in this field, but my poses are not much like your athletic model that prompted me to write to you. I am hardly one for muscularity in my poses, but I do end up doing twisted body poses bends and other positions that require me to be quite limber. I think perhaps that the appeal in a model such as me is the evident bone structure, the waistline, the long legs... Different photographers (and artists) tell me different things about what they like in me as a model.

For the muscular male type I guess athletic gesture poses, are the most requested and I understand why they must be very brief. This isn't applicable really to my body type though and for artists I assume a position (often with a lot of discussion between us and some tentative posing) but I have been required to remain reasonably still (though never rigid) as long as 20 minutes, more often for 5 or ten. I don't often sit in these poses either, but there have been laying on a hard surface (like the floor or a table, or even on some large rocks in a nature setting) and more often standing bending, twisting poses. For photographers the poses are somewhat simpler and a lot quicker, usually under a minute in length, but planning the poses seems to take longer.

I have looked carefully at sculptures and paintings, but mostly I learned about posing and the creative process from the art and photography instructors back at the beginning of my modeling 'career'. (the quote marks are because I have never posed as a main source of income, but more for the fun and experience, though I do charge what seems to be the going fee for a professional model which is considerably less than for female models) To be honest, at this point I no longer pose for artists, but I still enjoy working with photographers.

I wasn't particularly bothered by the first letter two weeks ago referring only to female models. Considering the nature of your newsletter I don't expect to be reading anything about male nudes in your tribute to the beautiful female form (which by the way you represent quite well). Male models are definitely a minority, but so what? I am just like most of your readers I imagine, in that I read the DOMAI newsletter to see and learn about female models and photography as relates to them. It is quite true that I have had to work hard in very diverse circumstances in quite diverse locales, for artists and photographers with very different tastes, but I like that challenge otherwise I just wouldn't do it.

Like the letter that prompted my writing to you I am NOT asking you to change your format or content. I visit your site because I'm interested on the FEMALE models. I did ant to add my voice to one statement that really got my attention... no one who desires to learn anatomy, or desires to capture the beauty of the human form should exclude the male figure. My particular favorite poses are for black and white film photog's with severe lighting truly emphasizing the line and form of the figure turning my pose into a true work of art.

I will be interested to read reaction to my letter if you print it, but if you decide your newsletter has heard enough on the subject of male modeling and decline to run it, I feel better having written and presented my view to you. And if any reader wishes to personally contact me about my experiences as a male model, I'll be happy to respond to their email.

Thank you for your always interesting newsletter!

Sincerely - Bil

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