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Here is a cute phenomenon: One of the world's most beloved authors of children's books, Dr. Seuss, also wrote/illustrated a fable for adults, with all-nude ladies! You gotta love that. I suspect that book would be very unwelcome in a few households. But it really shouldn't, it is very cute and innocent.

It is called The Seven Lady Godivas. (Maybe it technically should have been "... Ladies Godiva", but why fret.) It is out of print, but there seem to be lots of used copies around, for example via Amazon.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai

Honestly, and I know this is all subjective, but to me at least, confidence doesn't have much to do with it either.

In fact, it's often the more quiet girls that I'm most attracted to. But not always; it depends on the individual. I'm attracted to depth more than confidence for sure.

But the whole voluptuous, lipsticked blonde look does absolutely NOTHING for me. I actually *like* small breasts. They are more attractive to me. The nice soft curves and smooth skin is what I just go for. The message in your last newsletter said that Lucia was still making excuses for small breasts, and the he HIMSELF seemed to make an excuse by implying that confidence could override this apparent "shortcoming".

Where are the guys like me? I *like* them like that. Not all guys want double D's. Some of us absolutely love the whole petite, 34-B look. It's what we find attractive. No excuses needed, because to me, at least, it is preferred *anyway*.

This might sound strange to some guys, but if some girl has breasts in the D range or higher, that, to guys like me, is the shortcoming. Even As are just totally beautiful if they're on the right girl. Maybe this message is the one that sould be getting out to more people. Some guys like the really large look, and others just don't.

I think it is so sad when girls go get implants, not just because it shows a lack of confidence, and not just because the implants often don't turn out looking really natural. But also because they DESTROY their own true beauty and replace it with what they think is SUPPOSED to be beautiful, but just is not.

Plastic is not beautiful. Natural is. Not all guys agree with me on this, but this is something that I truly believe.

Thanks for your time, man.

Max R

Newsletter archive

"I have been exposed to Domai for many months now and I have thoroghly enjoyed the weekly newsletters and daily pics I even use the Domai screensaver, but I put of joining until a few days ago. Now all I can think is "WHY???!!!" I haven't even scratched the surface and I am completely blown away. I know you must hear these things from all of the members but I feel that no good deed, service or person should go without being acknowleged for their efforts and therefore should be rewarded, if only with compliments. I can't say enough. To have a site devoted to the beauty of women without needing to be pornographic is a tribute to God's finest creation. Thank you so much and please do keep up the good work! Sincerely," -- Greg F < gmfraizer[=at=]>