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We have had our best year ever, and we celebrate with a special gift of selected recent pictures from our members' pages. As usual, feel free to share them with friends, either by email or by referring to this page.

I know the next year will be marvelous for you, and I'm pleased. Have fun now, don't be a stranger.

By the way, today new photos on my blog (no nudes, sorry).


Eolake Stobblehouse

A New Year's Story
By Eolake Stobblehouse

I had a dream I was chased by a horrible, half-dead monster through a big house. The house was mine, but much more complex. I was getting away from the monster, but I was still afraid, and I could still smell its rotten stench of death. I thought maybe that is just because the monster is dying.

I caught glimpses of somebody ahead of me, always disappearing. It seemed to be a beautiful woman, and she was glowing. Maybe she even had wings, I could not be sure. I followed her as best I could, and I was tired.

I went past big windows showing the world outside, and it was stormy. Big bat-winged things haunted the people, and the sun was under the horizon, but rising. And the air was clearer than it had been.

I almost caught up with the beautiful woman, and she went through a door I had not remembered. I followed her.

It was a glowing landscape, and I could not see it clearly yet, for my eyes had not evolved to see such energy. It felt like something amazing, something wonderful.

I sat down patiently and tried to evolve faster.

The end

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