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Letters to Domai

I have been visiting your wonderful website for a while now, and I thought I might share with you an experience I had as a young man - one that still remains with me years later. I was living in Southern California, going to college about 15 minutes up the canyon from Malibu Beach. Campus was situated in the midst of some hills/mountains with a ridge running along the hills west of campus. That ridge was a great place for jogging.

When you ran the usual loop the ridge, at the end you could either return to college down the last path, or go up farther to a peak that we all called 'Inspiration Point'. It was a sort of dead end, but the view was beautiful, and I would sometimes go up there to take pictures, especially towards sunset.

One warm day shortly after the start of classes, I ran up to inspiration point late in the afternoon, hoping to catch a good sunset to photograph. But when I arrived, what awaited me was even more breathtaking than the sunset. There was a girl in her early twenties from one of the local ranches, who had ridden up to the point on her horse, and was leaning up against a rock enjoying the beauty of the vista. I had seen her on the road riding a couple of times before, but never had the opportunity to speak to her. But what took me by total (and delightful) surprise was that she was completely nude except for her boots! When she saw me coming, I thought sure she would run for the clothes that were sitting on the horse's saddle.

But not at all! She introduced herself with a self-assured confidence, and quite calmly invited me to "pull up a rock" to enjoy the sunset with her. I couldn't believe the feast my eyes were taking in! Penny's hair was thick and chestnut brown - both in the pony-tail on her head, and in a triangle below her waist. Her rounded breasts seemed to fit her slender body well ~ they were pert and full of life, with large almond nipples. She was quite tanned - with only the slightest tan lines from a swimsuit. She seemed quite athletic to me, and rightfully proud of her body. She explained that she liked to come up to the Point on her horse Roger in the summer while the students were away, to soak in the afternoon sun, and watch the sunset when she could. I sat down next to her and we and talked about this and that for a few minutes. My heart raced, as I had never seen such view of a naked woman in my life. At one point she said she hoped I wasn't shocked or offended by her nudity. I assured her that on the contrary, she was the most beautiful treat my eyes had seen in my whole life (which was true!).

As lovely as the rest of her body was, (not to mention her friend manner) the thing which attracted me the most were Penny's dancing green eyes. They seemed to skip and scurry when she looked at me with her warm welcoming smile. I can still see them in my mind's eye today. Anyway, after conversing for a while, Penny noticed my camera bag, and asked about it. I showed her my camera and I asked her what I had been dying to ask her since I saw her - if I might take pictures not only of the sunset, but of her in the sunset. I told her quite sincerely - that I thought she was the most beautiful part of the view! She thought about it a couple of seconds and then agreed to the photos. Penny laid back on a large rock for me and I feasted my eyes and my lens for the roll of film that I had in the camera. I shot away as the sun was dropping low toward the mountains in the distance, and the warm afternoon light caressed the lovely curves of her taut, tanned body. She even proudly sat on her horse Roger for me for a couple of shots!

I felt not lust, but the thrill and appreciation of the beauty - both of the lovely sunset, and of the lovelier woman before me. After I finished shooting the roll of film, Penny and I sat down again for a little while longer and chatted through the last light of the sun. Then she got dressed for her ride home.

Penny got pensive for a moment, and asked if she might have the roll of film I had just shot of her. Quite grateful for her gift of sharing her beauty with me, I thought it was only fair to make the gift of my roll of her pictures. I placed the film in her hand, and she gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek, and rode home on her horse. I walked (more like floated) back to campus and engraved the vision of her beauty on my memory.

I saw Penny a few more times that year at the Point before I graduated, but never nude as that first time. Her piercing green eyes lit up the same smile, though. I never asked what she did with that film I shot of her, and she never told me. But I will always be grateful for her sharing her beauty with me that September day.

sincerely - Paul W

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