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I am a woman so appreciative of your site. I am on your newsletter list, soon I will sign up as a member, or sign up my boyfriend, one of us. Your site is "outpicturing" what has been whispering in my heart and mind for some time, the eternal beauty of the feminine. The more I hear this whisper within and see images which reflect it, the more certain I am that what the poet Keats said long ago is true:

Beauty is truth, truth beauty.
That is all ye know on Earth
and all ye need to know

I never quite understood this as a teenager when I read it, but seeing your website, I think I'm beginning to understand.

There is a great fear of beauty in the world. Women do not cherish their own forms. Among many women there is a hard competition: "Who is the most beautiful?" I have not admitted to many of my girlfriends that I love looking at nude pictures of women because it seems there's so much lack of understanding among our own gender about love and beauty and nudity. But in the Domai photos I see reflecting in my own mind, the female side of God -- and I'm beginning to be told to love and cherish her everywhere. I'm being told that the Feminine spirit loves and delights in herself -- and in her eternally lovely, loving form --- Really, we're so stunning it's mind-stopping. Girls in the fresh bloom of their innocence are only one beautiful form of what women are eternally. Youth is gifted with the visual charm, age is gifted with the breadth of wisdom, a different shade of dress. But the same beauty. Softness, proportion, warmth, a blessed shelter in the storm --- the sweet unselfconscious smile of love without defense is god at her best (:>).

It doesn't matter to me that I am a girl in my forties looking at beauties half my age -- I love looking at these images because all true beauty is leading me towards knowing I am that. I want to come to know in every fiber of my being that I am that beauty, that god/goddess. The Domai site is helping me to see this visually. Its images are a doorway into my treasure girl, my self.

I love to think of men looking at these images, men of all ages. As I understand it, it is not a mere momentary surface pleasure happening but a contact with reality. These photographs of girls were done with love, it is love herself coming through to make real contact with whomever has eyes to see, or sense to allow. There are enough sites out there to awaken other feelings in us, but as for me, Domai has ruined me for other sites. This woman is unspoiled, unadorned, intimate, free, wild but sweet, smiling so genuinely to each person who comes to her. She cannot be manipulated, ever. She gives herself to you freely.


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"Your site has definitely changed the quality of picture I expect to find in nude women on the internet. I pretty much don't waste my time visiting other sites anymore. Keep up the good work." - Eric <zelfull{at}

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