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Beware of "watercolor art" you find on eBay. Much of it is seemingly software-manipulated photos, often used without permission, printed out and sold as "original art". Or other methods are used to make a watercolor painting which is very close to a photograph found on the web.

They often use DOMAI photos, for obvious reasons. There seems to be different people in different countries doing this.

I am prepared to believe that some artists, like the one behind the first two samples below (the third is an oil, I think from China), are actually making them by hand, only based very closely on photos. But if they don't have permission by the photographer, this is probably copyright infraction, and at the very least is liable as plagiarism.

See the definition of plagiarism, part of which reads:

"Plagiarism can take a broad range of forms. At its simplest and most extreme, plagiarism involves putting one's own name on someone else's work; this is commonly seen in schools when a student submits a paper that someone else has written. Schools, colleges, and universities usually have explicit guidelines for reviewing and punishing plagiarism by students and faculty members. In copyright lawsuits, however, allegations of plagiarism are more often based on partial theft. It is not necessary to exactly duplicate another's work in order to infringe a copyright: it is sufficient to take a substantial portion of the copyrighted material. Thus, for example, plagiarism can include copying language or ideas from another novelist, basing a new song in large part on another's musical composition, or copying another artist's drawing or photograph."

"... the plaintiff must show that the alleged plagiarism is based on a substantial similarity between the two works."

It should be clear that "substantial similarity" is beyond doubt in this case.




I have been contacted by a representative of this artist, and I have advised him that if the artist works best making near-copies of photos, then he had better take the photos himself. Or get a collaboration going with a photographer. Or at the very least get permission first, and give credit to the photographer.

I've been convinced that this specific case is not fraudulent, not a scam, and was done in good faith (and originally for personal use). Some people may think we "should sue". But what's the point, we are solving this issue amicably. Saving lots of time and money that way. I am middle aged, and I never found cause to sue anybody. I am in business with scores of people (hundreds?), and almost always without any contracts, just gentleman agreements. There has never been any problems that could not be solved with a few emails.

Oh, and by the way, artists, look at our policy on this.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai, no 1

I find myself searching for something clean, innocent, and yes, beautiful. DOMAI does just that.

I have in these last three months been set free from religious bias to such a point I never realized how much beauty there is walking all around us. I was looking as I walked, but I was not seeing. I had blinders on. I had for so long been taught it was wrong to look at women.

If women do not want to be admired, why do they spend so much time and money on getting themselves beautiful. Going for hair appointments, facials and spending hours to find that just right dress. For only one reason, so that they will be admired.

In my walk as a Minister, man oh man, don't be caught looking at the women. I was reminded of this again just the other day and it reminded me of my very early days as a Christian. My Pastor had asked me to join him for lunch. As we were walking along we just happened to be following a PYG (Pretty Young Girl) who was as the fashion was at that time, wearing a mini-skirt. She had one of those swinging walks. I made the comment, "now there is a swing I would like in my playground."

My Pastor stopped dead in his tracks looks me square in the eye, and he says, "young man you can admire the creation of God, but you cannot desire it."

He says, "you think I did not see her. The secret -- just admire her -- and don't say anything." On our way back from lunch he puts his hand on my shoulder, "don't let me see you looking for them either. It is only if they come right before you. One look, the second is sin."

This was some 25 years ago. I just happened to link up with him the other day. We see each other now only on rare occasions. He is now in his late 80's, we were having coffee at one of our Starbucks in a mall. Reminded me of the old song "Standing on the corner watching all the girls, watching all the girls, go by."

As we sat there he comments after a time, "I notice you learned your lesson well." I said, "I have been taking special lessons for the past couple of months. I have been learning how the appreciate a woman the way God intended us to." He says, "I meant you learned to say nothing, but you haven't learned about not being seen doing it." I said, "well God created them for us, so I admire them. And I have learned how to look only once. Look once longer."

As we wandered back along the mall to the church we came across a PYG (about late 20 early 30) modeling a new outfit to whom I believed to be her grandmother. She noticed me looking at her, she smiled, and says, "what do you think?"

So like the good "fatherly" fellow I am, I told her, "you look absolutely gorgeous. It brings out your facial colors, highlights your hair, and it accents your beautiful body."

I walk away hearing her say, "see grandma it is the me that I am."

Well, my Pastor friend caught me two other times acknowledging women with a smile, and getting one in return.

Yes, DOMAI has changed my life. A smile can go a long way in this world today. So far I have not had one woman say she did not like being smiled at. I sense they respect an honest smile.

It is one week later and he just phoned me this morning and this prompted me to write.

He said, "I learned something that day with you in the mall. This is the love God talked about. Innocence, just a friendly smile at someone that could completely change their day. Tell me, what do you say when your wife catches you?" I laughed and said, "now there is where I have learned to not let it show."

Your women do that for me too. They have changed my day. They show me the creation of God in all of its beauty and innocence. The way you mix the beauty of nature with the beauty of God's greatest creation is what sets DOMAI ahead of anything to be found. This is beauty. Not a come on. Not sex.

Every PYG is special in her own way, a unique individualism that shows in each glorious photo.

My big problem is, now can I survive without my DOMAI girls.

Thanks Eolake,

Richard F (Rev.)

Letters to Domai, no 2

This past spring the company I work for had been swamped in work. After a couple of months of intense problem solving I was more than ready for a break. One morning when I woke up it was one of those cloudless, sunny, warm days that just invites you to play hooky. I called my boss and much to my surprise he gave me the day off. I think he could sense we were all pushed to the limit. I have always found it relaxing to commune with nature. Shedding one's clothes is also a way of shedding stress and I have discovered great relief in being one with nature. There is a place up in the mountains that I have occasionaly gone to. It's a bit of a drive, however with the day off, and such a beautiful one at that, it didn't take me long to know where I was headed.

After parking my car in the pull off by the road, I proceeded to hike up the mountain. Since this is a rather challenging hike you are not apt to see a lot of people where I go. The trail leads to a pool with a waterfall and there are rocks near the pool for sunning. The area is known for its nude use, although its rare to encounter many women as the hike is not exactly a walk in the park. At the top of the trail you look down to a pool and waterfall. This day when I arrived just above the pool I looked down and to my amazement there was a gorgeous young woman laying by the side of the pool reading. I proceeded to a spot on the rocks above her and removed my clothes and layed out my towel. She didn't seem to notice me. I layed down and occasionaly glanced her way as I didn't want her to find me staring at her. Since, she was alone I certainly didn' t want to startle her.

This was becoming an incredible experience. I had a beautiful day, an idyllic spot, and a gorgeous woman to behold. After about fifteen or twenty minutes the sun was getting quite warm, so I thought this might be a good excuse to go down to the pool and go for a dip. I was hoping to make her aquaintence, however I approached the pool cautiously as I didn't want her to think I had the wrong motives. As I approached the pool she turned around and noticed me. I quickly said hi, and that I was glad to see someone else who enjoyed skinny-dipping. This brought a smile to her face. As I could see she was not intimidated by my presence, I told her how I enjoyed coming here as a way to unwind. We introduced ourselves and she told me her name was Lisa. Since the nearby waterfall made quite a bit of noise I found it necessary to move closer to hear what she had to say. We were now just a few feet apart and discussing the joys of communing with nature along with world affairs.

During our conversation I could not resist glancing at Lisa's attribute's that made her a woman. Her breasts were firm and ample. I do have to say I find all sizes of breasts attractive, however hers matched her body perfectly. Her pubic hairs were not trimmed and she reminded me of a child of nature. I tried not to let her catch me looking, but once or twice she did and yet it did not seem to bother her. I believe she was enjoying my company as much as I was her. After a while I asked her if she would like to go for a swim. She immediately said, of course, and joined me in the water. We headed for a spillway which creates a lot of foam and sat there relaxing in the bubbles. Lisa then got up and asked me to follow her. Obediently, I did and we climbed up to the top of the spillway and sat there for a while.

Lisa then got up and beckond me to follow again. She now slid down the spillway and I followed suit. When we got to the lower pond she asked me if I liked massages. Had I heard her correctly? What was already a day that I would rate a 10 was turning into an 11+. She said to follow her again and this time we went to the waterfall. She then sat under the waterfall and as the water spashed onto her head it cascaded down to those gorgeous breasts. She then motioned to me again to sit with her under the waterfall. As the space to sit wasn't very large we sat next to each other with our bodies touching from the shoulders to our feet. She then told me to lean forward. As I did the water hit my shoulders giving me a water massage. She then said, here's the massage I told you about. It all felt wonderful, the massage, our bodies touching, and the water bubbling around us.

Lisa then said, lets go lay on the rocks and dry off. We found a couple of flat rocks near each other and laid there and talked till we both were dry. She then said she had to go as I did too. I guess all good things have to come to an end.

I made several trips back to that spot between summer and fall, however I never saw Lisa again. I have to say this truly made me a believer that the Domai experience can be real, we just need to be ready for it when it happens.

- Don

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"The young women portrayed are absolutely beautiful, tasteful and honor the beauty of the female form. [...] The membership, affordable -- the images... outstanding. It is truly rewarding to find a site that treats women with dignity and respect. Each time I view your offerings, I sit back in awe of the beauty of a woman, and the artists that captures it on film." - Respectfully, R. J. Pine

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