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Letters to Domai

I recently happened on your site in the process of looking for just what you have to offer - beautiful, easy-to-look-at photos of the unclothed female form. There are many beautiful things in this world, many of them man-made, but surely the most beautiful of all are created by nature and, sadly, in the case of the female body, normally hidden from view. It is possibly this very element of mystique which generates that incomparable excitement on the rare occasions when it is revealed in the appropriate circumstances. As many of your correspondents have said before me, cheap and nasty nudity abounds on the internet and holds little interest for them or for me. The female form, which, I firmly believe, should be respected, revered and admired, is thereby cheapened and made ugly. The effect is further exacerbated by the gutter-level language which usually accompanies that kind of material.

Restrictions on financial transactions between us prevent me from becoming a member and I have to content myself with seeing the few photos on your main page and reading your weekly newsletters. These newsletters and the letters coming in from members, all seem to have a common theme, the sincere, non-prurient appreciation of the unadorned female form. I will not for one moment, pretend that the episodes related in these letters do not set my hormones going and transport me to imagining myself being the one experiencing the excitement, but the overall theme is just genuine appreciation, regardless of the outcome of the encounter.

Reading these letters, I am carried back many years to the time when I was just fourteen or fifteen years old and had just started to appreciate the potential delights of the opposite sex. I use the word "potential" because, despite my regular fantasizing about what might be hidden beneath the clothing of the objects of my admiration, I was a gawky and awkward adolescent at the time and any such delights had to remain in the realm of fantasy.

I had become somewhat withdrawn after the loss of a parent and tended to be a loner, spending my holidays on the farm of a friend of the family. I was lucky enough to be allowed to visit there whenever I wanted and to come and go as I pleased. It was a large property and I spent the time exploring the farm and walking to its remotest corners. On one of my walks I came upon a deep ravine where a river crossed the farm. I walked along its banks and discovered a section where the river widened and a sandy bank held great promise as a fishing spot and maybe even a place to swim.

When I returned to the house that afternoon, I found that another guest had arrived, a girl maybe a year or two older than me, dark-haired and youthfully attractive. She would be spending the next two weeks on the farm. My awkwardness did not help us to get to know each other quickly and the next day I went off to the river, this time equipped with a fishing rod. The fishing did not prove to be very successful and after I had sat for over an hour in the hot sun, gave it up as a bad job and, as the spot was very secluded, had no reservations about stripping off and taking a dip in the water before heading back to the house.

The girl had evidently spent a rather boring day mooning around with nothing to do and when I set out the next day to the river, she asked if she could come along. I said that there was not really much for a girl to do down there, but she seemed to think that it would be more interesting than staying at the house and we set off to the river. I was glad that she was a good conversationist and initiated most of the talking along the way because I would not have known what to talk about to a girl.

We arrived at my fishing spot and I wasted no time getting my fishing line into the water, more for want of keeping myself occupied than for eagerness to catch a fish. We sat there in silence for some time and then I suggested that she try her luck. She took the rod and sat there silently for some time before handing it back to me and sauntering off to wade knee-deep in the water, seeming to enjoy its cool relief from the hot sun. I gave up trying to fish and joined her wading in the water. I could sense that she was eager to dive in, but not willing to remove any clothing. We splashed around for a while and she eventually headed up the bank.

I continued to wade around, but was totally unprepared for what happened next. There was a loud splash and I turned to see her enter the water, only her naked bottom momentarily visible above the water. That too disappeared under the water and she remained submerged for some time before emerging to face me with a delighted expression on her face. I had frozen. I had never seen anything like this before and my heart was pounding. Her figure was truly magnificent in all respects. I was stunned and did not know what to say, but she relieved the silence by calling me to join her.

I reacted as if hypnotised and shed my clothes before I realised that I had. I dived in, more out of an urge to conceal myself than to join in the fun. When I emerged she was still standing there, applauding. Any inhibitions she had had earlier were set aside and she continued to swim about. It lasted about five minutes and she dressed again. I followed suit and we set off home with me still in a state of disbelief. I had been shaken to my innermost sanctums, but while it was happening it had been total euphoria. She continued talking animatedly on the way home as though the whole thing had not happened. I could only listen because the experience had totally robbed me of any appropriate words to reply.

She did not come with me again and eventually left for home and out of my life, but I have relived the experience over and over, each time being raised to the same state of ecstasy as when it had happened. It has been nearly forty years since that day, but it seems like only yesterday. Nothing like it has ever happened or is likely to happen again, but it is one of the richer moments in my life which will never be forgotten.


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"I'm stunned at the quality of your site!!! I've been "online" for 3 plus years, never having spent a dime for any of the other pay sites. I had no clue what I was missing not joining DOMAI. I've only just joined and barely scratched the surface; looking forward to hours of pleasureable viewing of the beauty you offer. I'm sure to become a "Veteran"..... Thank You!" - L Tica

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