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Well, another small battle against extreme prudishness has been won in the UK. A quote: "Prosecutor Maggie Hughes said sunbathing nude 'could be grossly offensive to normal decent persons in society'." ... I mean, you gotter be kidding. Fortunately the court had a saner view on things.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai

Something that I have often read on your website is that there is nothing wrong with nakedness or taking pleasure in looking at a woman's body. I had an experience that proves how true that is.

Some years ago my company, which is based in London, had clients in Canada and I had the job of visiting Toronto for two or three months at a time over a three year period. Being on my own and living in a hotel, I accepted every invitation that I was offered to meet people socially. One of our clients, Dan and his wife Mai became good friends who occasionally invited me to their house for dinner. Mai, whose parents were Norwegian, was had classic Scandinavian features and though she must have been close to fifty she could still turn heads.

We found we had a lot in common and over the months I became a fairly regular visitor to their house. Dan and Mai had two children Paul and Jen. Paul, who was still at school, was often at the house but Jen lived away from home at college. I could tell from the photos around the house that Jen had inherited her mother's looks. The photos showed her growing up from a sunny smiling child to a stunning blonde twenty-year-old.

One of the things that we found that we have in common was a love of skiing and I was delighted to accept their offer to spend a four day 'vacation' with them at their 'cabin' at Collingwood on Georgian Bay. This was also to be my chance to meet Jen who was due to join us with her friend from college.

We met up at Dan and Mai's house. Jen was taller than I had expected. She had straight blonde hair and a big smile. She was every bit the Scandinavian beauty I had expected. Her friend Catherine was pretty too but with a wide face and long dark hair.

The five of us travelled together in Dan's car for a journey that took all day. By the time we got to Collingwood it felt as if we already knew each other. The 'cabin' turned out to be larger than most European houses. It could sleep up to eight people in bunk rooms. It had a deck, a sauna and a 'hot tub'. I had never seen a hot tub before. It was outside in the snow. I also noticed on my first walk around that the sauna had a sign on the door saying 'Beware of the Bares'. At first I didn't realise the full extent of what that meant but I was soon to find out.

Jen turned out to be a very good skier and realising that I was of a similar standard we soon paired up and left Dan and Mai to ski with Catherine. Jen was very relaxed and easy to be with. The day was cold and crisp with perfect sunshine. I had a fabulous day skiing amongst beautiful scenery with a very attractive young woman.

We returned to the cabin late in the afternoon where we joined the others. Mai cooked dinner whilst we sat drinking beers and watching it get dark. After dinner came my first big surprise. Dan lit the lights on the deck and went outside to remove the cover off the hot tub. Without any warning Jen and Catherine stripped off all of their clothes and tiptoed across the deck to the tub. Seeing the look of amazement on my face, Mai laughed and told me that I should go and join them, and something about me not having brought any swimming shorts. Any inhibitions were quickly overcome by the realisation that Mai and Dan were stripping off too and it was a lot easier for me to join in than not to.

Once you get used to the shock, the sensation of sitting up to your neck in steaming water on a freezing cold night with four naked Canadians makes a great way of rounding off the day. We sat under the stars, drinking wine, laughing and chatting as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

After being in the tub for a while Jen and Catherine got out and went for a walk in the snow. It was well below freezing but the two girls just got out and went for a walk in the dark. They disappeared for a while into the trees at the bottom of the garden and then ran back shrieking and shivering to jump back into the tub.

As they came back I was treated to a full view of their bodies. Jen was long legged and athletic; her firm muscles were covered with goose pimples and the cold made her nipples stand erect. Catherine was shorter with larger breasts and a fuller figure. She had her pubic hair trimmed into what Mai described as 'A Mohican'.

Later, at Jen's invitation, I went for a walk in the woods with her. It was an unbelievable experience to be thousands of miles from home, walking through a birch wood, in the snow, by moonlight, stark naked, with a beautiful young woman. Unbelievable!

The pattern of the first day was repeated for the rest of our vacation. Each day ended with a session in the hot tub and/or the sauna and by the end of the week I was totally at ease with being naked with other people and it being just natural. I have since spent a number of skiing trips with Dan and Mai and my wife. Unfortunately Jen has moved to New York and I have not seen her since that first trip. However I will never forget that first experience of looking at the body of a beautiful young woman and her not being at all concerned about it. All three women must have been aware that I was admiring their bodies and although they were not consciously exhibiting themselves, so far as they were concerned it was clearly OK for me to look.

Regards, Phil

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