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Letters to Domai

I had just finished school after taking my exams and was preparing to go to the local art college for a further two years. At this age I had had little contact with the opposite sex since I was extremely shy and tended to run in the opposite direction if a girl so much as looked at me.

The afternoon in question I had gone out into the countryside outside our town with my sketch pad as I often did, following the river in search of subjects to draw. I ambled slowly along the bank of the river which was always deserted in the middle of the week, stopping to draw various bits of the landscape and enjoying the fact that I was alone, but as I rounded a bend I was met by the sight of a girl of about my age sitting close to the edge of the water and seemingly peering into the depths oblivious to my approaching. Being so shy, I was about to creep past her and away before she noticed me when I noticed that she was crying and unsure what to do I blurted out the only thing that came into my head which was "do you mind if I draw you?". The girl looked up, her cheeks all shiny with tears, she shrugged, then after a few seconds nodded but said nothing. I sat down a short distance away from her and began to sketch, all the while talking to her to try and find out why she was so sad. At first she just ignored me, but eventually she began to respond to my questions with short one word answers and eventually we began to slide into proper conversation as she cheered up.

As I sketched I began to notice how wonderfully beautiful she was, her hair was long and dark and draped around what I can only describe as the face of an angel. The sunlight silhouetted her beautiful breasts through her cotton dress. I suddenly realized that she was looking at me and looked away blushing with embarrassment. Looking back I saw that she was smiling for the first time, "thank you for cheering me up" she said. I looked away embarrassed again..

My drawing was almost complete now and we began to talk about my drawing and how I was going to art college. I'm not sure how we got onto the subject but I admitted that I was scared witless about having to draw the naked models in the life drawing classes which I knew we would have to take.

She smiled again, then without a word she stood up and in seconds had pulled her cotton dress over her head and removed her panties and now stood in front of me totally naked. "You'd better get some practice in then" she said. I blushed and looked away, I had never seen any girl naked before, but curiosity quickly got the better of me and I began to gaze upon her wonderfully pale body. Those breasts which I had seen silhouetted in the sunlight earlier now looked even more wonderful, their baby pink nipples drawing my eyes to them in an almost hypnotic way.

"How do you want me" the girls voice cut in. " Er just sit down " I said not really knowing how a life model should pose. She sat down and propped herself up, her hips making the most wonderful curve which drew my eye around to her wonderful belly and down to the wonderful mat of hair that covered her pubic area. I slowly grew at ease with her nakedness and began to press on with my pictures, trying desperately to capture her intense beauty. I did several drawings of her that afternoon and as afternoon drew into evening we decided to call it a day and go home. We arranged to meet in the same place the next day but when the time came, it was pouring with rain. I went anyway but the girl never came and I realized that i didn't even know her name or even why she had been crying on the river bank that previous day.

As days dragged on I gave up hope of ever meeting the girl again and indeed this would have been where the story ended but for a chance meeting two or three months later. I came out of college one friday afternoon, in a rush as usual and accidentally bumped into someone passing by. I turned to say sorry only to find the girl from the river bank standing before me. Anyway to cut a long story short, we started going out and Nicola has now been my wife for twenty one years (who said these stories never have a happy ending). She might have put on a few pounds since we first met but to me she will always be that girl from the riverbank.

Yours sincerely, Ian T

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