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Letters to Domai

It seems that beautiful sights can present themselves at the oddest but most needed times.

I took a semester of college in Maryland a while back. Things were rough and some of my roommates were not the best of company. The homework was tough and it was tearing me down. What lead to keeping me sane was a habit a gained in high school. I would smile at anyone with whom I made eye contact. (A returned pretty smile has brightened many of my days)

I was staying on the second floor of the apartment building, which gave us a little balcony. We kept extra stuff out there, and as odd as it seems, I was trying to grow a few flowers. Weird for a college kid to do, but I need something to ease my mind.

Now, across the way was another set of apartments and I would occasionally notice the blinds up, then other times down. However, this particular afternoon, as I was watering a couple of flowers, I heard the window open; I glanced up and caught the eye of the person across the way. As custom, (even though I was having a bad day) I smiled. This beautiful woman rewarded me with a big happy grin. She had pretty eyes, and brown hair that gently swayed with the breeze she let in. I very respectfully smiled again. She seemed pleased by the respect and gave me another smile then went on with her business. My, how a sweet smile can save the day.

A week or so past with little happening, save a smile here or there. Then one evening, as I sat stressed at my studies, I noticed a towel hanging on the closet door in the room across from me. I thought little of it, trying to figure out some calculus. I glanced up and noticed the towel was missing for the door. Usually the blinds would be down, but tonight they were not. I kept on with my homework, until something caught my eye. My pretty neighbor had entered her bedroom, wrapped in the towel. I thought she would close the blinds, but she did not seem to mind.

Then I had the best break from homework I had had for over a month. My smiling neighbor proceeded to dry herself off. She was facing away from me at first, so I was delighted with her long slender legs and her finely shaped waist. She was toned like a dancer and quite tall, maybe 5' 11' but had a very fine figure. She turned as she finished drying to hang up her towel. She was gorgeous. She was not overly endowed, just beautiful, firm, and well proportioned. It was a remarkable sight. This pretty girl had eased my stressed out mind in only a minute, and it was great. She finished getting ready for bed, and I swear she sent a quick smile my way, almost to say, thank you for being kind to me. I was surprised, for she had been so kind to me.

To say the least, I was able to finish my homework with no problems. Over the next couple of months, the sight of my beautiful neighbor graced me more than once. She had grown to trust me, so she never closed her blinds. Our schedules were different, but often enough they would cross. She did yoga, which made her very toned. Moreover, I found out that she would do yoga, on occasion, right before she went to the shower, and after she had gotten ready for the shower. I have to say, I gained a new appreciation for yoga. I have heard that doing yoga clears your mind. I agree. Watching another do yoga, especially if it is a beautiful girl, who is so comfortable with herself as to do it nude, clears your mind very well. She seemed to find a joy in easing my mind, so I would always try to be respectful and never cut her off. In addition, I always smiled.

The semester ended, and I had to move out, it was sad, mostly because I had never had a good talk with my neighbor. Gratefully, as I was loading the car, she drove by and stopped. I smiled as I walked over to talk with her. She asked if I was leaving, I answered yes. She seemed disappointed, almost as if she was loosing a trusted friend. We talked some, and I thanked her for being kind. She then told me how grateful she was to have a good neighbor who respected her, and that I had been so happy and clean in my appreciation of her. She told me how she had had other neighbors who would gawk, or make rude comments if she forgot to close her blinds. She was happy to have a good admirer.

I have to say that respect is the best way to treat a girl, any girl, and that and pretty smile makes your day. I have since gone to another college, but I remember fondly those moments of stress relief.

Thanks DOMAI for helping us be good neighbors.

A relieved college student

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