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Letters to Domai


I went into Canterbury today to get my wife a top, and had a very nice close encounter.

I took a top to the checkout to see if they had it in the right size, and as the clerk left to check, a young woman with a girl friend comes up to the counter. The friend sees that the clerk is gone and the mate tells the PYG [Pretty Young Girl] to hold her place, and continues to shop.

The girl stands next to me, looks up smiles, and I smiled back. That's when I saw that she was braless under her button down shirt. A very nice upturned pink nipple staring back at me. She must have caught me out of the side of her eye, because she turns and says, "What are you looking at?"

"Just enjoying a peak," I said as I smiled. She looked down, then back up at me, and smiled saying, "You dirty old man."

"Dot com."

"Dot com? What's that a porn site?"

"Nope... A site that appreciates beautiful girls like you. In fact, you know, it's a sin not to look."

She laughs, and the clerk returns with my stuff. I pay the clerk, pocket my change, smile at the PYG. She says to me, "What's the name of this website?" "," I said.

Her mate comes over with more clothes, puts them on the counter, the clerk goes to ringing them up.

I take a pen from the counter and her hand and write DOMAI.COM on the top of her hand. She turns her hand, looks at it, smiles, put her hand to her shirt, pulls it out and gives me another peak. "Is this DOMAI.COM?"

"For sure," I said, "For sure."

We both laughed, and I said good bye.

It's a beautiful day.


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