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Letters to Domai


A few summers ago I purchased a new kayak. During that summer I took my kayak up to a lake near my home to enjoy the hot sun and cool water. I took several trips to this lake because it was both remote with no development around the lake and it was near my home. The lake was about a mile long by a half mile wide and was towered by an adjacent mountain and cliff that only added to the beautiful scenery.

Because of its natural appeal the lake was a popular location for fisherman and swimmers alike. The swimmers frequented the area near the boat launch and parking, whereas the fisherman preferred the middle of the lake to the far end of the lake where the swimmers would not interfere with the fishing. This one late afternoon, on one of my kayaking trips, I noticed a couple of girls along the shoreline toward the middle of the lake. The girls were somewhat remote from the other swimmers, but were swimming along the shore near many of the fisherman.

As I paddled along the shoreline I came near the girls who both seemed to be in their early 20's and both very cute. One was enjoying the water and the other was enjoying the sun along the shoreline. As I paddled on by, we each exchanged hellos and smiles. The one swimming especially caught my attention in her two piece bikini bathing suit. I continued paddling up to the far end of the lake enjoying the full nature of the surroundings as they passed on by.

There were about 15 fisherman throughout the middle of the lake but the fish did not seem to be biting that evening. I never had enough patience for fishing and I never quite understood why fishing was all that interesting. Nevertheless, this lake as beautiful enough to make me understand why fishing could be fun here even if the fish were not biting, just by enjoying the views that surrounded.

After reaching the far end of the lake, I paddled back up the shoreline back toward the boat launch. By this time, the sun had started setting behind the large mountain that bordered the lake. The middle of the lake was in the shade, but the shoreline was still in the sun. I started paddling back toward the boat launch back up the same shoreline as before, keeping myself in the warm sunlight as much as possible. As I neared the two girls, I noticed that the one who was swimming was now toweling off on the shoreline while talking with her friend.

Then to my surprise, while facing the lake, she pealed off the bottoms of her bikini in plain view to all of us in boats not bothering to cover up her beautiful body. She continued toweling off and briefly covered herself up with her towel. As she talked casually to her friend who was waiting on the shore with her.

I looked around the lake to see who else had enjoyed this extra view of nature, but to my surprise, none of the other fisherman even caught a glimpse. Then she untied the top of her swimsuit and let her voluptuous breasts into the sun for all of us to see. She took her time and let her body soak in a few rays as she slowly toweled off a little more. She continued to talk to her friend who also seemed comfortable with the situation. I was impressed by this girl's confidence in her own body and her . She took her time as she pulled on some cutoff jeans and slowly put on a top all in plain view of the fisherman and myself. I again looked to see if anyone else had caught this glimpse of this beautiful girl, but I could tell from their reactions that no one else even noticed. The two of them shortly thereafter left the shoreline and began walking up the shoreline back toward the parking lot.

I left the lake that day knowing that I, unlike all the fisherman, had realized the best catch of the day!


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