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Letters to Domai


My DOMAI moments (yes, I have been fortunate - there have been several of them!) occurred when I was quite young, the first was when I was around 6 or so...

During school holidays I would spend time at my grandparents place at Stanwell Park (New South Wales, Australia), at the time a small village style town about an hour or so South of Sydney. Not long after arriving I would explore the local creek which had several swimming holes and quite pleasant water cascading around many rocks which I would clamper over and each time I would try to go just that bit further up the creek. (There is a beautiful sandstone railway viaduct further along the creek) One day upon returning I was to hear splashing and as I rounded the bend in the creek, some of the other local kids (2 girls) were swimming. I was a little shy and mumbled hello or something and then they exchanged pleasantries and it was then I realized they were skinny-dipping (well I didn't know it was called that then). They hopped out of the water and sunned themselves on one of the large rocks like it was the most natural thing in the world -- it was!

They asked if I was going to stand around gawking all day and asked why don't you join us. Indeed. So I (hesitantly) removed my clothing and soon discovered the joy of nudity and skinny-dipping! There is nothing like having the sun all over you!This was to have a profound impact on me, most boys of my age were made to wear singlets (yes, those ugly white ones) and they were the first to go! Next the pyjamas! Followed by an announcement to my parents that I would no longer be wearing my swimming costume in the family pool -- although this didn't seem to disturb them too much.

Same spot, many years later and I was after the first encounter doing my creek walks nude. As soon as I was out of site of the road, the clothes would disappear – by now just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, even the underwear had been ditched by now! I had walked about a kilometer, had a swim and was having a sun on a rock and it was then I saw her – she was clambering over the rocks and she was completely nude – even bare feet. I couldn't take my eyes off her – she was beautiful, fully tanned, slender body with medium sized breasts that seemed to have a mind of their own...

I told her my name and that she looked beautiful, especially in the environment we were in -- water gurgling around, lush ferns and tress and so on. Her name was Karen and she was on school holidays the same as I was. We chatted for a while, (it seemed to be a long time, however I suspect that it wasn't!) and then decided that we should walk back and have lunch.

A couple of days later I went to the Stanwell Park beach for a bit of surf and here was Karen lying on the beach in just bikini bottoms, back then it was rare for girls to go topless and there was a swarm of guys hovering around her. I went over to say hello, I didn't think anything of her being topless, after all I had seen her completely nude several days earlier. It had the immediate effect of all the guys wandering off and she said thanks. The school holidays ended and we lost contact after a time...

Move along about 14 years and the same location, I had by then my own car and decided to take my girlfriend to the creek. We walked along and after a time (it was fairly warm!) I suggested a swim, she looked at me and said -- do you mean naked and I said yes, why not? She protested that someone might see her and I tried to reassure her that hardly anybody walked this far up the creek and if they did, they wouldn't mind anyway, so off came the clothes and we frolicked in the (rather cool!) water for a time.

Eventually, I met up with another lady, who was to become my future wife. We went for a drive south and ended up near Jarvis Bay. By this time I was a committed naturist and I had been told of a place called Hole in the Wall beach. I parked the car and we walked down the track and came to beach – it was spectacular – white sand, clear water and no surf, just waves rolling in and rolling out. I think you can guess – I said lets go for a swim – I have no swimmers she mentioned, my reply - nether have I and with a little coaxing all of her clothes were soon discarded and the water was just glorious! You could lie at the edge of the water and the gentle waves rolled over you! From then on I couldn't keep clothes on her and we ended up opening a Nude Retreat – called Twin Falls Nature Retreat! ( We are locally known as Mr and Mrs Nudie... Ian Strawbridge

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