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Letters to Domai


Today I went to the Bare Buns Fun Run. This is a clothing optional nudist running race put on by a nudist resort. They put on this event as a way to introduce men & women to the freedom of not having to wear clothes. As I drove to the Park & Ride Lot (they do not allow anyone to drive directly), I was disappointed to see that the Park and Ride was under construction. After scrambling around to find where the meeting point was, I found the meeting place. Waiting for the bus was a young woman who appeared to be by herself. I parked my car and went over to the pick up spot and some others soon joined. We all had some small talk. The bus came to get us in about 15 minutes.

I jumped on the bus, and the young woman I had initially had seen, seemed to be waiting for someone. After about 5 minutes, she apparently gave up and hopped on the bus. The seat next to me, was one of the few remaining empty seats and she sat next to me. I learned that her name was Kaely and that she had never done this event before. I had done this event in 2000, but on that day it was raining and the turnout was small. Today the weather was awesome and I had hoped that there would be more people, women in particular, attending this event. She told me that she had just learned of this event last Tuesday night and when she heard about this event she knew she had to do it and immediately sent in her registration form.

Our conversation continued, I learned that she was suppose to meet a guy at this event, but it did not appear that he was showing up.

We arrived at the park, immediately, we were greeted by many others already there and already in the buff. We both got registered for the event and when we left the registration room, I saw my friend Kevin and talked to him as I had not seen him in a few years.

I did not see where Kaely went, so I put my towel on the ground to claim my area of the park and quickly got out of my clothes. Then I turned around and I saw my new friend, Kaely, was completely nude. She wasted no time to enjoy the freedoms of this new environment that she was couldn't wait to experience. I went over to say hello again and we continued our conversation. She was putting on sun tan lotion and asked me if I would like some and I said sure. She then volunteered to put some lotion on my back, and I said that would be great and when she was done she asked me to put some lotion on her back. We hadn't know each other that long, but being naked seemed completely natural to both of us.

We decided to warm up for the race together and agreed to run with each other as long neither one of us held the other back. The race started and it went up a huge hill. I was able to stay with her for quite awhile, but eventually her youthfulness got the better of me going up the hill. It was an out and back race, so on her way back we both cheered each other on and she was in second place for the women (first one that was completely nude). Near the finish line, I could hear Kaely cheering me on.

After the race completed we both went down to the pool. It was fun to swim in the pool on this very hot day. After awhile we both got out and waited for the awards ceremony to which she got her trophy for winning her age group and I won a random prize. Soon after we parted ways on what turned out to be a very beautiful day----

Chris C

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