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About editing
By Eolake Stobblehouse

I am often surprised at how important editing is. What the public sees is the work of the models and the photographers, and to be sure they do the bulk of the work, and the hardest work. But still after all these years I am still learning more about editing, meaning selecting models, selecting sets, and selecting pictures.

There is a lot more going on there than one might think. Not only can the wrong picture included or excluded from a set give a complete different impression on the audience of the model and her beauty, but the whole... gestalt* of the site and philosophy can change enormously with a few changes in editing. It is more complex than one might think, after almost a decade I still have to concentrate when selecting and editing sets. (Don't get me wrong, this must be one of the best jobs in the world, and if there wasn't a little challenge in any of it, I'd be bored. :)

Not the least with DOMAI, for the reason that we are trying to hold a rather unique balance here. My sometimes-contended philosophy is that what we have here is not Fine Art, and it it not erotica either. It is something new.

And on top of that I am following my own heart and direction, which is one of innocence, fun, and happiness in expression. It is not necessarily a part of "simple nudes", but it is important to me.

One small aspect of the editing is "what is too sexual for this site?". It is not as easy as one might think. My personal line (for this site) is that it can be sexy, but it should not be sexual. The beauty and charm must be stronger than the sexuality.

But people have different lines. For some cultures and people, showing anything but the face is indecent. For others, a one-size bathing suit is OK, but a bikini is not. For some, topless is fine, but nude is not. For some, nude is fine, but you should not see the pubic area. For some that's fine except if it is featured too prominently. And of course, jumping a few steps here, for some people anything not involving whips and a donkey is entirely innocent. :) So in the end I listen, but I follow my own perception.

Eolake Stobblehouse

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