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Letters to Domai

Dear Mr. Stobblehouse,

Recently I saw a letter from a non-member on your Domai site, so I thought you might enjoy another. I am not a member only because the disability pension I live on does not allow thus luxuries.

First let me thank you for the section of that site that you keep open to the public. I have enjoyed the female nude since I took up photography in high school. We called them "figure studies" back then. The "simple nude" (a better more appropriate term) as you portray them, is the most beautiful thing God created.

The real reason for this letter is to tell you of my "Domai moment" as you refer to it. [Actually letter writers invented the term. - editor.] They may not have happened without your web site. I say they because I was lucky enough to have more than one.

A few years ago I met a lady on the Internet, she lives on one coast and I on the other. Since we had several things in common, we began to correspond via e-mail. The months went by and e-mail became chat rooms then messengers and phone bills. My affection for this unseen lady grew until after corresponding for a year I arranged for her to come and spent a couple of weeks with me.

We spent the first few days seeing the town, I took her to all the popular places she wished to see. To say it rained he fourth day is an understatement, it poured and it rained all day. As we finished lunch, that day, she asked if I would take a few more pictures of her. When I agreed she disappeared into the bathroom. When she reappeared she had let her hair down and put on just a hint of makeup.

The surprise was that other than a tiny cross on a gold chain she was completely and unexpectedly nude!!! I pinned up a sheet for backdrop and put another over a stool and a coffee table. She posed for over an hour and then we download the files to one of the computers and critiqued them. Then she wanted to pose for more. It was the best rainy afternoon I ever spent.

A couple of days before she was to leave, she wanted to go on a picnic. Since this area has parks circling the city, this was easy. After we ate we drove for miles enjoying the autumn foliage. We stopping at a place with a small water fall, but it is a long hike from the main road. Please understand that this was a workday for most everybody and the park was deserted.

I was busy taking pictures of her, the trees, the river, the falls when I noticed that my lady had slipped off her top and was sliding her jeans down those beautiful legs. Not only was she wearing nothing underneath but that small triangle of hair was missing too. She struck a pose and said "Is this the way they do it on Domai?"

I am not a professional photographer and I had never taken nudes outside before. What freedom it gives both the model and the photographer. What a gift that lady gave me.

She stayed a part of my life for about a year, visiting me three more times. I loved her dearly, before like a beautiful butterfly she left never to return.

We were snowed in for several days, on another visit and I was taking pictures with just candle light. She was having such a good time that I asked her why she liked posing so well. Her answer surprised me. She said, "Because not only do you make me feel special but you make me FEEL beautiful."

I don't know if these events would have happened without Domai or not. I doubt it.

Sincerely, Mac

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"Since I stumbled across your site a couple years ago, I have found that DOMAI is the only site that I keep coming back to on a regularly. After all that time, I was happy enough with the BOD and newsletter to keep me happy. I finally signed up as a member (the first site I have ever become a member) and have been pleasantly surprised... my expectations have been met and surpassed! Your passion shows in your work. DOMAI is a breathe of fresh air." - Glenn <burghowitz[=at=]
(Email address used with permission)

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