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Letters to Domai


During the summers between my college years, I worked with some of my cousins on my uncle's farm. Since we worked long hours in the hot sun, by the end of the day we would be really sweaty. So one day after work during my last summer working on the farm, I went with a bunch of my cousins down to a sort-of-hidden swimming spot on the local river for a swim, to cool off before going home.

There were five of us, and we had a good swim in the river, wearing just our shorts. After a while, my four cousins had enough swimming, dried off for a while on the shore, and headed home for supper. But I was quite relaxed, and I decided to stay for a while longer, basking in the evening summer sun. Well, my stay was very well rewarded! Not 10 minutes later I heard a car stop on the road above the river, and two girls got out and came down to the river, maybe fifty yards up-river from where I was laying on the shore. Because there were some trees between the girls and me on the shore, they didn't notice I was there, and I couldn't see them either -- just yet. They were conversing and laughing on shore for a while.

But then I saw them wade into the river for a swim. When I looked, much to my surprise and delight, they were wearing only their birthday suits! Both of them looked to be in their early twenties. One of them was very tall, with long lanky arms and legs and a sparkle in her brown eyes. She had dark brown hair that came down to the middle of her back. Her breasts fit her slender body well. Her friend was shorter, but had a lot of bounce in her step -- even when wading in the water. Her breasts and buttocks were pale and well-rounded, and her wavy, blazing-red hair came down to her shoulders. Her thick pubic hair caught my eye in particular, since it was every bit as bright red as the hair on her head. From her accent and freckles I guess she must have been Irish. After wading into the water up to their waists, these two beauties dove in headfirst, swimming and playing in the river.

At first I held my breath enjoying this incredible sight. I felt like something of an intruder, since the girls had not yet noticed me, and evidently they thought they were alone. But as the current of the river was slowly bringing them closer to me, at a certain point they caught sight of me on the shore. At first they froze for a few seconds, getting down into the water to hide themselves as best they could. But luckily I quickly overcame my own timidity and managed to get up enough courage to wave to them in a friendly manner and say: "Hello there! You two girls are very beautiful!" They looked at each other and smiled. Then the taller one stood up to her waist out of the water and said "Hello to you! Why don't you join us?"

You could have knocked me over with a feather. I was THRILLED to be asked to join them! I could hardly believe this was happening to me. I started right away to walk toward them in the river. But the slender girl called out again and said: "No, not with your shorts on. If we are naked, you should be too!" I was a little embarrassed at first, but I thought it was only fair. So I dropped my shorts, and waded quickly into the river in the direction of these two fair beauties. We waded and swam together, chatting and enjoying the warm evening. I mostly swam around the girls, delighting in their beauty, and their openness in sharing it with me. They were from a town about half-an-hour away, and said that they had heard about this place ~ that it was mostly deserted. So they wanted to explore, and cool off. But they told me that now they actually felt a little safer with me there with them.

As all good things must, this beautiful swim came to an end. As the girls and I reached shore, they took out their towels to dry off. The taller Carolyn in particular did so very slowly and deliberately ~ I think as a last sharing of her beauty with me as I watched appreciatively. After she had finished, Carolyn lent me her towel to dry myself off. Then the girls both put their clothes on, and I thanked them for sharing the swim with me, and most of all for sharing their beauty. Little Gwen said "Thank YOU, because I never would have had the courage to be naked in front of a man if you hadn't been so respectful. I really felt safe with you." I felt like a million bucks! I said goodbye to these two lovely young women, and said I hope to see you again sometime. They smiled, said goodbye, went up the small hill to their car, and drove off. I went to the river to go swimming many times during the rest of that summer, but never did see these two young women again. But I still have a memory that will last a lifetime.


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