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Two letters to Domai

Dear Domai,

I am writing in regards to my husband and the effect your site has had on him. He had always been very into pornography, and he would spend a lot of time on his computer looking for new sites that would tittilate him. He would move from site to site, just to see what the next one had. He always tried to hide what he was doing from me and not talk about it.

However, things began to change when he found your wonderful site. He was mesmerized by the beauty of your models and the innocence they expressed. He began to visit the site more and more often and signed up for the newsletter so that he could enjoy the free pictures of these beautiful women.

The best part was that he wasn't going there to be aroused physically, but because of how much he truly enjoyed the female form. That was something he always did, but did not realize. The moment I knew that your site truly changed him, was when he actually wanted to show it to me. He was not ashamed of what he was doing, and in fact wanted to share it with me.

He told me that your site was one of the only ones he even went to and could not wait for the newsletter every Friday. In fact, we have begun looking at them together and reading the great stories that your readers send in. My husband never had the opportunity to experience nudity and female beauty the way that many of them did, which is why I believe he turned to pornography as it was all he knew. He is very jealous of everyone who got to have a "DOMAI" moment early in life, allowing them to truly see the beauty that is all around us.

In closing, I just wanted to thank you for site and sharing all the beauty that nature has provided us with. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!



As a journalist, I was fortunate to be able to take a trip to Kenya to observe some international medical projects. The irony of this was that shortly after arriving, I became quite ill myself. I spent a few days recovering in a hospital from a virus that took much of my strength. I was able to regain my vitality partly due to the assistance of someone special.

As I lay in my bed in the tremendous heat, I listened the sounds of the wind and birds outside. I was naked beneath a single bed sheet because of the extreme temperature. I looked over at the bed beside mine and saw a beautiful face. This lovely black woman was lying there beneath a sheet like mine, looking at me with the most enchanting smile. She had bright white teeth and almond shaped eyes. Her whole face had lovely curves and angles, especially the rounded shape of her forehead and the delicate arch of her nose. She told me her name was Ajikiri and that she worked as a teacher. Though I had been in and out of consciousness before, now I felt more awake and focused. I concentrated on her facial expressions as she talked about her teaching. I watched the full lips move and her thin eyebrows rise. The whites of her eyes and teeth stood out vividly in the dim light. Her hair was in many tiny braids that framed her face in dark tendrils. We talked into the night, until sleep claimed me at last.

I awakened to sounds of birds twittering. The light of dawn was streaming in the window and illuminating the body of Anjiri who was now sitting on the side of her bed facing me. She was naked apart from the sheet that covered her lap. She was now in better health than I was, and her broad smile was just what I needed to see most in the morning glow. Now I was able to see more of her, and was very grateful for the opportunity. Just looking at her brought more strength to my body. Her neck was long and graceful and her collarbones were well defined. Sleek arms rested at her sides. The large, bold breasts were a joy to observe. They were hanging low and heavy, great oblong shapes that swayed gently with her laughter, their bottom halves a slightly lighter shade of brown than the rest of her, contrasting with the dark umber color of her nipples. Such a bountiful bosom was worthy of a fertility goddess.

Eventually, she rose from the bed. The sheet dropped to the floor. I saw that most feminine area between her broad hips where a cluster of wooly black hairs grew in a delicate column. I felt so much better. She walked to the window and stood before the morning light. Below the small of her back, voluminous buttocks bulged into a perfect peach shape that I could not look away from.

The nurse entered and when she saw how much better I was feeling, she pulled off my bed sheet to examine my body. I lay there nude. A smile came across her face as she noticed that I was showing an obvious sign of good health.

"You have brought him back to life Ajikiri," said the nurse to my lovely muse standing by the window. Both women gave a little laugh as they stared at my uncovered body. For days I had been unable to feel emotional arousal of any kind. Now my body was physically manifesting its renewed joy. There was hardly any need to take my temperature. I had recovered thanks to one beautiful woman. Now there's a natural remedy we can all appreciate.

Marlin C.

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"I can only wonder how many artists out there, like myself, are sifting through the countless adult-trash sites with the hopes of finding just a few pictures like those you commonly offer. That is... if the word "common" can even be applied to DOMAI. Somehow I don't think so. I would love to tell each of them that yours is the one site that truly respects art and beauty, and actually gives you EXACTLY what it promises. I would even say that it gives us more than it promises." - R. Ware
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