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Below a fresh interview with me, conducted by Hannah of She asked some interesting and fresh questions, which is not easy after all these years, so I decided to publish them and my answers.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Question: What experience(s) taught you to appreciate the beauty of women?

Eolake: I doubt it has been any specific things, only a continuing strong desire to fully enjoy and learn about the best experiences life has to offer, and a slow recognition that women are one of the finest aspects of life.

Question: What is so special for you about photographing nude women? Is it better than photographing ones with clothes on?

Eolake: That's a good question, and hard to answer. In my opinion, the design of Woman is amazing and powerful. It consists only of smooth, flowing lines, and astoundingly you can almost make a drawing of it using one ONE smooth, flowing, unbroken line. And any clothing will always break that long line.

Also there is an undeniable added intensity due to the sexual undertone of nudity. But on the other hand, as many have observed, a little bit of clothing makes it MORE sexual somehow. So one reason to do nudes is actually to minimize the sexuality and maximize the aesthetics.

Question: What was your first photo shoot with a nude model like? Were you nervous?

Eolake: Not really, I was just thinking of the pictures.

Question: Was she?

Eolake: Nah, she was apparently pretty experienced despite her youth. She told a million wild tales from her trips to America. She said she'd been in Penthouse, and at the parties there were drugs in any drawer you opened. I figured out maybe she tended to "embellish" because she said she'd been a "playmate" in Penthouse. It is Playboy which has "playmates", Penthouse has "pets". (Not a sexist term at all. :)

Question: What do you think of nudism? Does this at all link into your work with Domai?

Eolake: I think of nudism like freedom of speech: It is wonderful, but it is a pity that there is even a need for it to exist. In a sane world, nobody would think twice about whether anybody was dressed or not.

Nudist pictures are one of the ideals I aim for with Domai pictures, because they are non-sexual, and happy and innocent.

Question: Is there a possibility of a version of Domai, but then with men? Or couples?

Eolake: Not from me, but I hope somebody will make them.

Question: Is there any specific reason why Domai is mostly women?

Eolake: Just personal interest. You need a strong interest to run a big site.

Question: How do you make sure that Domai doesn't cross that fine line from nude art to erotica?

Eolake: It is tricky. The only thing I can do is to listen, partly to others' opinions, but mostly to my own inner voice. I want the aesthetic interest to be stronger than the sexual interest. It's always a balance and a judgement call.

Question: What's your favorite part of managing Domai? Why?

Eolake: One of them is certainly all the wonderful letters I get. I've no doubt that I have one of the most appreciative and intelligent audiences in the world.

But altogether, it's just a big thrill. I work with things I love, I feel I have a mission with it, and that it is appreciated. And I'm my own boss and work from home. What's not to love? :)

Question: What's your favorite part of a photo shoot? Why?

Eolake: It's like asking "what's your favorite part of life"... it's a whole package. It is intense work, but it is communication and creativity, the stuff of life itself.

Of course one might expect that the presence of a beautiful nude woman is right up there, but for me and those I know who are pros and interested in pictures, you just don't think about it while you are actually photographing. The pictures are just too important.

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