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Letters to Domai 1

Dear DOMAI I'm writing to say thank you. Thank you for creating a site that appreciates a woman's beauty and curves rather than objectifying them. I have always been a little uptight about my partner looking at what I thought was porn but last night he finally showed me your site (he mentioned it a while ago) and I have to say that I'm very impressed. He showed me the December 22, 2006 newsletter and I was in tears at the writer's description of the woman's body. It was so beautiful and finally made me realise how my partner sees me. Instead of seeing the chunky legs, cellulite and rounded tummy as a bad thing that needs fixing as I see it, he sees it as part of who I am, something that makes me unique and sets me apart from the crowd. I simply cannot thankyou enough for this, my confidence is great and I no longer hate my little potbelly :D

Your site is the absolute best, THANK YOU!!!


Letters to Domai 2

Previously mentioned, I lived just outside of Vancouver B.C., Canada, where almost downtown is clothes optional 'Wreck Beach' which is on University land, and from the north end the skyscrapers of downtown appear quite large. Some days there is even a cop on the hillside with binoculars looking out across the sand, and if one travels too far north sans apparel his arrest book will come out. No warning signs, just an invisible line in the constant moving sand. But inches on the other side of that line is the clothes community taking their lunch break. Oh, they can look south for over a kilometer down the beach and see wonderfully naked bodies wading in the cool salty water. But for one of those same bodies to cross that invisible line, was a "no-no".

Not being a people person, I often from Spring to Fall, whenever feeling down or needed a creative shot of inspiration during the work week I would drive about 20 minutes so I could shed all these damnable clothes and let the sun and wind caress this now aging body. On the week end this same area becomes partyville with upwards of 10,000 people. Just me, myself and I are too many people most days.

Within minutes of getting out of the car and these toes making impressions on the sand, and if the tide was far enough out some times even the barnacles, would leave indents on me, the salty air, the smell of sea weed and soon whatever was heavy upon me would dissipate. The quicker these threads left this body, the quicker all the cares of the world would also leave. This week day crowd, sometimes, 1 or 2 people per kilometer, more than 50 over a 3 kilometer stretch then would be a crowd. But even this was an amazing mix.

Amazing in only that everybody was on equal ground. Sans clothes, there is no status monetary, education, class rankings, perhaps some color variance but little else. There was no threat from anybody except those that kept their clothes on and developed google eyes looking for young females. Being just the opposite, an old male, if the tide was in, occasionally these who never understood this freedom made verbal fun with rude comments. There was even a section of uniquely arranged driftwood and a sign claiming that area for teachers, and at times there would be a few with their text books. An attorney would walk the beach preparing his brief, but without his briefs. An elderly couple, perhaps 80 plus would on warmer days bring their picnic basket down, spread out a beach towel, pull out a bottle of wine and the rest of lunch and just enjoy being alive. One day I had a lengthy enjoyable conversation with a young lady, (remember when you are over 50, anybody under 40 seems young) anyway she had the most delightful smile. Maybe not quite a Domai model, but to some of us, there is nothing more beautiful than the female form, so she was a visual delight regardless to these old eyes. For awhile she just seemed to enjoy the moment without a care in the world, then reality struck, she was a cancer patient, and just needed a break from the hospital walls.

Most of the people I know, cringe at the word "nudity" and some even seem too panic. For me to escape to the lake, the forest or wherever and shed these damnable clothes to those who know the feeling there is nothing better. Having had a muscle disorder for over 40 years, I still do not know if it is removing physical tension from pressure points on the body, or it is a psychological reason, what I do know is for that time I live without physical pain.

Having made a living (rather surviving) most of my life in creative fields, once again the removal of these threads seems to let the creative expression free, and soon the solution finds it way to the canvas, stone, computer or even paper.

Respectfully, Jeff, the ole stone carving guy.

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