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Letters to Domai


Hi, I am a 22 year old woman writing to you from my social rehab home. I suffer from high functioning Autism, slight brain injure and other stuff. I was shy, scared, depressed, a self injurer, suicidal, and hated my body with all my mind! I couldn't even look at my own face in a Mirror.

Four months ago I moved from my parents home and became one person. Not my dad, not my mum, not my brother but ME! I started going to a nudist day resort. I had been been nude a few times by my self, but I thought I was ugly and some people would be mean to me about it if they found out.

The first day I went to the resort I was a mess of feelings my parents were mad at me that day, I was having trouble with my horse, and I felt uglier than ever. I didn't know what people would think of me and what they would say if they saw me nude, but I got brave. And walked out.

And nobody said any thing. That day was one of the best days in my life! I felt beautiful! I started taking my journal with me there whenever I go. I have changed SO much. I LOVE my body, I think I'm pretty even! I even believe people when they say I'm pretty now. I haven't self injured in SIX months! And have NO scars!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!

I can look at my whole body now in a mirror and even be nude. My depression has for the most part gone away. And I don't think about my so called problems any more. I don't want to die either! I want to help people by what I've been through, and that is why today I share my story with you.

Your web site has really helped me realize that no matter who I am, I am a beautiful woman. No matter what I go though I'm still a beautiful woman. And no matter what name plates people put on me, I'M ALWAYS A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! Thank you very much for your web site, maybe some day soon I'll be modeling for you!


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