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One of the questions I keep getting is whether there is a site like DOMAI, only with male models. Well, you'd think after ten years (in March) there'd be one, but I don't know of any. If you hear of one, do tell.

By the way, I'm sorry to say I'm not likely to make such a site myself. Between my blog and DOMAI (with 100,000 visitors daily) my time is booked. :)

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai

Dear Eolake,

I read your newsletter, and I want to express my sincere thanks to you, and appreciation of you as a visionary and really a personal growth guru!

I believe you know clearly what I mean, although I'm guessing most of your readers have not thought about this, and perhaps this letter would give them pause to stop and recognize how important it is for them to think about how valuable it is to read your newsletter each week.

... Because once a week we're getting that reminder to appreciate the beauty in a woman, and through that shift in our focus or perspective, we also find the beauty to appreciate in the sunset, the trees, flowers... the world... as well as in the pure hearts of children, our own contributions to society - and ourselves!

I have a feeling you know how imporant "your calling" is, and I think once others recognize that, too, they'll more eagerly await your newsletter each week, and - more importantly - return to that mindset of appreciation and focusing on beauty all around them (and within them) - thanks to the subtle way you feature this inner and outer beauty of a woman in her pure form.

To my knowledge, the way in which you reveal this message, which ultimately is to find the beauty, self-respect, confidence and good heart within ourselves and everyone - because when we look for it, we find it... the way you bring people to this level of wisdom is unique, and yet as valuable and important as the works of any of the great personal growth authors and speakers, it's just that your "canvass" is different, because you convey this message through the unfiltered beauty of the female form, which transcends cultural and language barriers and can be known instantly by anyone... so from that standpoint, the gift of your wisdom is understood and shared far more effectively than people who do their work through the written page or spoken word (like me).

I applaud the work you do, and I hope others connect with it in this way, particularly consciously because I'm sure they do on an unconscious level.

Honestly I had no idea this letter would acknowledge you as a master teacher and help your readers connect with the message and benefit from it more meaningfully - my intention in communicating with you (so I initially thought) was to ask your permission to reprint the newsletter from yesterday (5 January, 2007), where the writer shares the message we can all learn from his Uncle Pepe about reconnecting with beauty that at least on the outside may have faded with time.... because Pepe understands women masterfully, and I'd love to use this story in my work to help especially women become more self-confident, as well as in my "HealthyRelationship" work.

So initially I had only wanted to ask whether I may use that story to further my life purpose, and instead what flowed from me was an acknowledgement of the importance of your life purpose, which as people realize and appreciate, becomes more meaningful for them, and helps them learn and grow and become better people.

Thank you, for all that you do, and the effective way you do it!

Warmly, Dan K

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