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Letters to Domai
By Lisa

My boyfriend introduced me to Domai about 6 weeks ago. I saw him on the computer one time, and when I got close to see what he was looking at, he closed the website. So when I asked why, he thought about the question for a minute, and then said: "You know, I think it would be good for you to see this." So he opened up your website to show me. At first I was thinking: "Oh great -- he's into porn!" But after a few moments, my fears melted away, and I saw that this was something altogether different than porn. Nudity of course, and plenty of it -- but not porn. He explained to me that Domai is simply a place to show and share the beauty that God had created in the women whose photos are there. Simple beauty. Not too made-up, not really provocative, except in the sense of provoking admiration at the beauty.

I saw a few women whose bodies seemed to me about as perfect as a body can be. But there was one thing about your website that hooked me: Most the women on the website have real beauty, and lots of it, but not what the world would consider 'PERFECT' beauty. So I wasn't intimidated! I suprised myself in this. The truth of the matter is that we come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Some of us are a little tall, or a little short; a little on the heavy side or the slim side. Some have fantastic eyes, or hips, or breasts, or lips or a wonderful nose. But not many of us have what the world would see as the 'perfect package'. The more I visited your website, the more I noticed that seeing your 'Domai girls' makes me feel more comfortable with my own body -- and helps me rejoice more in my own beauty. Eolake, I cannot begin to tell you what a difference this is making in my life. It is so freeing!

And the other thing I noticed -- the smiles. I think it is so incredible that a woman can stand or lay totally naked and look into a camera and smile a natural smile. They are so brave! And they don't have a "let me seduce you" sort of smile. It's more of a "I-enjoy-my-body, and-I-am-happy-if-you-do-too!" sort of smile. I know I'm not fully there quite yet. But I think this is a goal worth the effort of shooting for!

I am on my way to reaching that goal! After nearly 6 weeks of just looking at your website, I finally got up the courage to ask my boyfriend, (who is good with his camera), if he would be willing to take some pictures of naked me! My heart was in my throat when I asked.

I must say that he was so sweet. Though he has taken plenty of pictures of me clothed, he admitted that he had always wanted to take photos of me in the nude -- since the day we met. That made me feel very good about myself for starters!

Looking at the first few pictures he took, you can tell from the look in my face that I was SO NERVOUS! But he was really very respectful! He looked at me the way a man might look at a masterpiece of art -- full of admiration. I noticed that as the photo-shoot progressed, my smile became more and more natural. I was (and am) really ENJOYING being beautiful in my own way, and actually showing off that beauty to someone else. (all of which makes me think there will be a second photo-shoot in the not-too distant future.)

Thank you, Eolake. Thank you for DOMAI. And thank you for helping me to appreciate the beauty that I have and that I am. Eduardo still looks at me with that same admiration as the day of our photoshoot -- even when I have my clothes on. I knew from early in our relationship that he loves my outgoing personality and my sense of humor. But now I know that he sees the beauty in my body too. Now THAT makes a girl feel special!

Lisa S.

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