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Dear Eolake:

Some of these photos are outstanding and others are less so. It isn't always the models fault but the conditions and areas they have to model in and around. It is presently not possible to photograph nudes just anywhere.

This comes about because of the world in which we now live with so many prudes and stuck up noses when a nude or a photographic model shoot is even mentioned. Here in the states it is almost a sin against God almighty to think that a woman would pose nude for all to see and heaven forbid to have such photos put in or on a web site is just the last straw!!

The breasts of a woman are a no-no and should never be exposed and last of all the aerola and nipple is the worst thing to be done or ever shown. Every (or nearly every) child is exposed to the aerola and nipple from time of birth on. Why then is it such a shocking thing that breasts, the aerola and nipple is frowned upon in nearly all lands with the exception of a few?

I do hope that in time the people of this world will open their minds, eyes, heart and realize you, me, or all of us in this type of endeavor "are not" attempting to dirty the minds and hearts of others, but merely to make all of Gods children aware of the "eighth wonder" of the world!! That is "women" as placed on this earth with all their beauty for "all mankind" to see and enjoy!!"

In time I do hope that many will come around to our side and do as is now done in so many lands, allow the people to enjoy nudity not only in person but on beaches, photos, and everyday life. When that time comes we will all have everywhere to pose and shoot our lovely models with no fear of others looking on in shock, but opening their hearts and doors for all to enjoy a new found freedom.

Thanks for your time and your web site for my and others enjoyment. My thanks to all the lovely models and talented photographers who adorn the Domai web site each and every week throughout the year.

Jim H

Hey Mr. Kloake,

how could a man talk or post so much bla-bla EVERY WEEK in the newsletter!!!
unbelievable... i hate it!!! wayne? no person is interesseted in it - no one!

your members letters are TOO much bullshit - stop it! post some sentence, ok!

if your would post NO free picture on THIS sites - this sites ranking would be terrible!!!!

i offen think about to get a membership, but than i leave your sites.
all the girls are favorite - that is not the question - lovesome!
but ... you know - it's a feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyway - thinking you're not a cool typ an you have no cool style! (also your sites!)

so i membershiped by over, like hegre-archive... thinking HE a is really cool typ...

so long argie - greets
from Germany

[I am not sure how Steev got hold of my "Mr. Kloake" moniker... I only use that when I am out fighting crime at night. - Eolake]
[I posted this letter because I very rarely get negative mail, and I thought it was funny.]

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