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Letters to DOMAI


I'm a 20 year old man who has always spent his life having a profound respect for women, and as such, have been very aware of exploitation that happens when a woman has assets a man thinks he might enjoy.

Needless to say, I've spent a lot of my time around women my age and slightly older, all of whom I have felt a degree of awareness about how their physical side may get them into situations where they are the subjects of unwanted attention. It is because of this awareness that I have avoided letting myself give in to certain temptations set before me.

I admit, as a man, that I am very easily tempted by women, but my viewpoint on that has always saved me from doing the wrong things in order to quench that desire. I have always felt that my respect for women should extend to how desire is dealt with and that the endurance of not fulfilling that desire is very much, in my mind, a test of a man's self control.

While doing research for a project on classical nudes and later, on 1940's pinups, your site popped up in the search engine. When I clicked on the link, I was brought to a site where the first thing I saw was Antuanetta's smile radiating out at me from a shot taken on a beach. Unfortunately, and rather unfairly, my hackles went up and I began to jump on my self-righteous high horse. I looked at the picture and felt all my prejudices against nude photography refreshed anew. How could such a pretty young lady allow herself to do this? The playful gleam in her eye and the manner of her smile suggested things to me that made me angry that yet another beautiful woman had been fed into the worldwide pornography machine.

It was then, while furiously searching for some way to validate my assumptions further, that I saw another face. This face was serene, calm, at perfect ease with everything. There were no suggestions in her eyes, no grins that I had long associated with pornography, no lewd pose. She was simply reclining againt a rock. I had to double check to make sure this wasn't a painting because of way the sunlight played on her, and her perfect surroundings seemed almost too tranquil to be true on a site that I had assumped to be just another porn site. After a long while I found myself gazing serenely into the eyes of the beautiful Sabrina and realised that Domai was by no means a porn site.

I took that image in; the faraway look in her eyes, the gorgeous dark hair that framed her face, her undeniably beautiful skin and body that looked, in both this picture and subsequent ones I saw of her, as if she had been painted onto the image. It was in contemplating the undeniable beauty of seeing such an unbelievable person in the most awe inspiring backdrops anyone can hope for (nature) that I realised all of my anger, my prejudices and my misguided thought patterns had vanished.

It took the face of Domai's resident angel to change 20 years of misgivings about women being portrayed nude. Sabrina was there, she was comfortable, she seemed to be part of something I still cannot fully grasp. She was natural, her being there was natural, her ease and comfort in being there, being as she was and not having to hide a thing awoke a newfound respect for women. Not as people who needed protection but as people who deserve admiration. Every time I look at the pictures on Domai, I see it more and more, but it is Sabrina who always holds me in a state of awe at how women should be: at total ease with themselves and their surroundings.

Domai has come to be a source of hope for me that women can been seen nude and not be a subject of sexual desire. It makes me glad that they can be seen as objects of extreme beauty and a wonderful affirmation that nature's gifts, no matter what size, shape or colour they are bestowed, are always beautiful.


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"Could I just take the opportunity to thank you for all of the work you must have put into building up this web site. It goes without saying that the quality of the photographs is excellent, and often stunning at times. However just as important is the total lack of pop ups and advertising" - Richard H <huggibear[-at-]>
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