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I am getting many letters from a young man who is studying in university in a country which is super-conservative about nudity. And he keeps getting into trouble for his views that nudity is OK. Apparently his friends and family considers him a "pervert" and it is very aggravating to him.

Here's my advice: just be quiet about it. You have no obligation to change the views of others, no matter how much more enlightened your own views are. Just consider how difficult it is to change the mind of one person. And then multiply that by the number of people in the country.

Just enjoy your nudes in private. And if you continue to feel oppressed by the views of others, perhaps you should aim towards moving to an area or a country where the viewpoints are more like your own?

On another topic, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all you visitors who mention to friends, or mention it on blogs or discussion boards. This is keeping this site alive and doing very well, most of our traffic and sales come from word-of-mouth, so we can pay our photographers and the models and keep providing all the free pictures and this newsletter. Thank, people.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to DOMAI


I've been a long-time reader of the DOMAI newsletter: indeed, it's been one of the few constants over the last eight years. I was drawn, and continue to be drawn, to DOMAI for philosophical reasons. Raised in and still practicing evangelical Christianity, the "nudity is _mala in se_" [a crime] mindset leaves few in my close circles who can accept the notion that nudity is neutral, and can be used properly or improperly.

I can usually get people to admit that nudity cannot be considered wrong in and of itself with a "burning building" situation: "Is it wrong to flee a burning building without taking the time to dress?" Once they've realized the absurdity of a "yes" answer, they're much more open to the idea that nudity can be "okay", even if it's not in such an extreme circumstance.

However, the only men I know (they're not in religious circles) who would consider looking at the nude female form a "normal" activity have a far from honestly-appreciative tastes: in short, pornography.

In DOMAI, I first began to discover that I was not the only one who looked -- and even gazed -- at women, appreciative of their beauty rather than leeringly. And in DOMAI I also found scores of lovely young ladies willing to share their beauty.

Which brings me to why it took so terribly long for me to finally become a member: my second real "DOMAI moment". Let me say first that I'm immensely appreciative of the designers of light summer dresses.

I was at one of the self-checkouts at a local home-improvement store one evening last week, paying for a few items I needed, when I noticed the woman at the checkout in front of me.

She was a lovely, petite, brunette in a light, peach-coloured, summer dress. As she turned from her cart to the scanner and back, I noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra, and the delicate curves of her breasts were visible where the dress clung to her skin. Then, as she was leaning forward to scan an item that was giving her difficulty, I saw that the dress -- sleeveless -- gave an ample view of her side, and as the loose fabric swished and her arm moved, a full view of her breast.

I had been having an awful day, but that unexpected vision of beauty -- her delicate features, gently-sloping shoulders, and the teasing glimpse of a perfect breast -- allowed me to push all my concerns away and simply revel in a moment of being alive.

She continued scanning and bagging her purchases -- I bless her for having a large home-improvement project! -- for I don't know how long, and I continued watching. As she finished, she glanced over and saw me: our eyes met, and I smiled. She glanced down at herself momentarily, realizing what I'd been watching, and then, smiling at me, leaned a little farther than necessary when she reached for her last bag. The side of her dress fell away, and I was treated to one last glimpse -- as a gift from her -- before she turned to push her cart out of the store.

The entire situation lives in my memory as plain as when it occurred; but that last, short glimpse meant the most, because it was a knowing gift of beauty.

And now, having been inspired by a sylph I'm unlikely -- in a city of this size -- to meet again: having had the true power of beauty and openness shown to me by this lovely and generous young lady, I've come to the point of realizing the true value of a DOMAI membership.

Thank you for all you do. And I thank all your models for their generous gifts of beauty that enrich us all.


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