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Many people feel that it is impossible to separate nudity and sex. Some feel differently. And some are just not that interested in sex at all. See this post on my personal blog.

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I have a free spirited friend Angie who over the years had grown a little more conservative. A few months ago Angie shared with me that she was thinking of getting a professional photograph done for her husband Mike, but she thought she might have waited too long. I asked what Mike might want in the photo and she laughed and said: "Oh, what every guy would want!" But Angie was really just thinking of a portrait he could have in his office at work. In the past she might have freely done more, but now, at 39, she wasn't sure. I told her that while a few years had gone by she was still very beautiful and that if she provided her husband with a range of pictures he would probably consider it the best present he ever received and would treasure it forever. I told her that if my wife did this without a doubt it would be my favorite and most treasured gift of all time. I encouraged her not to wait, but to go for it.

Angie was still fairly hesitant so I swallowed some pride and said I would like to share with her a website that I visit daily just to drink in the beauty of women. I showed her the daily archive and the upcoming models from Domai. She was very impressed that the women were simply beautiful and the pictures were not sleazy but wonderful. Around that time Domai had shown a picture of a woman and the caption indicated she was 39. I showed her that picture and she understood that both this woman, and she Angie, could be beautiful at 39. She could be photographed like Mike desired and look beautiful too! She decided to go for it and began looking for a professional photographer.

Angie met with a photographer who had the backgrounds and did what she was looking for and began to prepare for her sitting, still anxious about how much she was willing to reveal. I shared some pertinent newsletters from Domai regarding women who decided to share their beauty and the transformation they underwent. When the day came the photographer made her feel comfortable and gradually they progressed to nudity. A few days later she sheepishly reported with a young girl's smile and admitted to going further than she thought she would, but she was very glad she did. She knew Mike would be pleased.

On his birthday she gave him his gift, a book of beautiful pictures of his lovely wife. Mike was at first surprised that she had done this, and then elated with the results! There will be a gorgeous portrait for his office in a lovely dress and other pictures for their bedroom and master bath and a book to treasure forever.

When she told me about his reaction I could tell that she was very pleased with how it all turned out. She said Mike wanted to share the pictures with all their friends but she didn't want him too. I jokingly said, "Oh, I don't get to see them?" Angie said no and I replied that I hadn't really expected to, but that I was truly glad that she had followed through and done this for Mike.

Much to my surprise the next time I saw Angie she brought the pictures with her. She said that if it wasn't for all my encouragement it might have never happened and she wanted to share with me the results as a thank you. I was blown away. I had thought she might share them with me, but in reality I had not expected it. My heart raced as she opened the box. I was right she was astoundingly beautiful and she had gotten a photographer who knew how to capture the essence of her beauty, just like she had witnessed on Domai. I drank in the beauty shown in each picture. My favorite picture was a partial nude on a bed where her eyes shouted: "Mike I did this out of my great love for you!" As she departed I stepped inside thinking "Wow! I don't believe what just happened!" How incredibly nice it was to appreciate her beauty and to have her be willing to share it with me!

But there's more. Angie glows again. In the process she has rediscovered her own unique beauty. Every time I see her the glow remains. That is the greatest gift of all.

Thanks for your role in simply sharing beauty,


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