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Letters to DOMAI

"...there was a blanket spread over "my" rock and it was occupied by two of the cutest little Asian girls I had ever seen."


It is my most sincere hope this letter finds you well. I want to compliment you on the DOMAI site. I was a free member for sometime and always looked forward the Beauty of the Day and the weekly newsletters. I joined your site the first of September as a paying member and quite frankly I am extremely sorry I did not do it earlier.

I personally think the DOMAI site is the best on the internet. It does not have pictures of girls who have been stuffed and mounted displaying huge plastic filled breasts. It has natural girls in many natural settings.

The free pictures are wonderful but limiting. Let me explain that. As a member, I can look at every picture in the photo array. I like to look at the large pictures of the girls where I can get a good close up view of their heads, smiles and eyes. It has often been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul and from looking at the pictures of the various models I now know what that means. When you look at their facial pictures in large mode, I think it really gives you a sense of the girl.

Please let me tell you of a DOMAI type of experience I had some time ago. Back in 1972 I had just returned home from an extended walking tour of South Vietnam. I thought it was a beautiful country and I loved the long black hair and beautiful slender bodies of the Vietnamese girls. It would have been a lot better though if their men folks hadn't insisted on trying to shoot holes in my mother's only son.

When I returned home to the world, I at first didn't know what to do with myself. It was a bit difficult being home from the war. I was scheduled to go to the university in the fall; however, that was still some months away. I passed the summer riding my horse all over the mountains. There was a large mountain behind my house with a cliff and a nice large flat rock. This rock made a great seat and I loved to sit there in the sun reading a good book. Sometimes I would just lie there looking off over the valley with the mountains marching off into the distance and not thinking anything but long thoughts. I would take a lunch with me, picket my horse on a nice spot of green grass and spend the day there.

One day I was out riding and heard laughter as I neared my favorite rock. I was dumbfounded because there was a blanket spread over "my" rock and it was occupied by two of the cutest little Asian girls I had ever seen. They were having a wonderful time laying there sunbathing in the nude, talking and laughing. I was at first very puzzled because in those days in the hills of Carolina you didn't see many people from other countries, especially Asians and more importantly not beautiful Asian girls.

My horse picked this moment to blow and it startled the girls who jumped up and quickly grabbed for their clothes. I smiled and immediately told them it was all right that I did not mean to frighten them. They looked me over, smiled, dropped their clothes and sat back down on their blanket. They looked at each other and giggled then one of them asked me to join them.

After tying old Nugent to a picket pin, I took off my clothes and joined them. You would think that I would have been uncomfortable, but at that time and place it seemed the most natural thing in the world. We spent the day there lying in the sun. I shared my lunch with them and we talked about everything. I learned their names were Maria and Marisol. They were from the Philippines and they were visiting their sister who had married a guy who had been stationed in their country at Clark Airforce Base. As it happened I knew the man they were talking about. He lived over on the other side of the ridge and had gone to a different school than I had.

As the day wore on and it became time to go home, I told them that I came there 3 or 4 days a week and said I hoped I would meet them there again. They giggled and said that perhaps they would see me again. Well, as it happened I did see them again. We met and sunbathed for most of the summer. As the days wore on, I began to have real special feelings for Marisol. Not wanting Maria to feel left out I invited Bobby, a close friend of mine, to go riding with me and introduced the two of them.

Mother Nature took her course. This November Marisol and I will celebrate out 35th wedding anniversary. We have two strong sons and the most beautiful daughter in the world. Of course I am rather prejudiced when it comes to her. Bobby and Maria later married and they and their family love [surely a Freudian slip of the positive kind. - editor] just across the valley. Carmen and David, the couple that started this, live nearby as well. Holidays in our family are full of chattering Filipinas, laughter and love.

It has been a happy life for all of us. Marisol is still as beautiful as when I first saw her sunbathing nude on that rock on the back side of Piney Ridge and I love her more and more each day.

D.L. Franklin, NC

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