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Letters to DOMAI


I've enjoyed your newsletters and website for a while now, and finally I have a story of my own to share.

My closest friend during college was from a family of naturists. We were both very interested in photography and so after two years of friendship she posed as my first nude model. The photo's were both outdoor and indoor. This was an experience in itself, to have my first shot at capturing a nude in a variety of settings... without any previous experience in that genre!

In a classic twist I also found myself falling for her younger sister. Fortunately we have found ourselves in a great relationship together.

Months down the line, very recently actually, I had my first true experience in naturism. Previous trips to spas and topless beaches aside, I have never been nor had the chance to become a 'naturist'.

It was a week until my birthday and my girlfriend was leaving for a holiday in France for a fortnight! I was depressed. So there I was, sitting at home while my beautiful girlfriend and her family left by ferry to enjoy the Southern French sun. It dawned on me that it might be my only opportunity to visit a naturist campsite.

I was spending every moment thinking about her and the holiday I was missing. Thursday, a week after she left, enough was enough. I couldn't bear the thought of another day, let alone a week! Friday, I checked online booking details for a flight to the nearest airport. I booked my tickets and called her up in France. All I had left was to wait it out. I couldn't fly before the weekend, so my birthday (Sunday) would be spent alone- a price I'd pay to see her face the next afternoon.

Trouble hit on the monday, it seemed as though I might not get the chance to see her after all! Due to strikes in France, a delayed and redirected flight landed me south of the border in Spain! Eventually I reached France, and boy was I glad! A long day, 12 hours traveling but worth it indeed.

Finally in France, I walked with my luggage over my shoulder and scanned frantically for a familiar face in the parking lot. I couldn't possibly explain in full enough detail the tall, long dark haired, deep hazel-eyed girl... her long legs in shorts had gained a luscious full tan. Our eyes connected and my tiredness revitalized. My lips widened to a huge grin. She smiled and my heart jumped into my throat as we kissed for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. The best present I could have received, belated none-the-less.

Up until this time, whenever I went to her house or met with her family I'd found myself feeling fairly awkward, an outsider. I wasn't prepared for how much was shed by the removal of clothing.

Arriving at the campsite I decided that completely stripping was the only course of action, as opposed to wearing shorts for the first day or so. I removed my clothes and suddenly I felt completely free and comfortable in front of her, and her family.

I was quite confident with the support of my beautiful girlfriend, and I felt proud beside her.

It's difficult to put into words the experience, surreal I guess. In the naturist holiday resorts the norm is to be naked, and so my typical views were turned upside down and in a sense so were my prejudices. I had often considered nudity linked to sexuality, but that wasn't so. By the end of the first day I could already see how nudity can be completely natural without the pressures of a household or bedroom walls, closed doors.

I am adamant that she was the most beautiful girl on the site. Of course MJ wouldn't believe me as I counted the number of other people who glanced at her, all the boys and men whose jaws would drop as she walked hand in hand with me. Naked, yet oblivious indeed! With my fair hair and skin I had to laugh being so pale compared to her well-tanned family! I stood out like a sore thumb.

It took less than a week in the sun and I must say my whole life took a lift and a positive turn. Since the trip MJ and I have been closer than ever, I am totally at ease with her family, and I have a newfound confidence in myself; not so much in being naked, as that was never a problem, but in feeling comfortable in my skin.

Take Care, A

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