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Letters to DOMAI


I stumbled across the letter contest link today and immediately my mind cast itself back to a situation that I now realise just might be an appropriate subject.

I was 19 years old, and was in love for the first time. What made this love so incredible was that it was actually reciprocated by a lovely girl who stood level with my six feet in height (with legs to suit) and a body toned by a love of sports and horse riding.

Looking back now, 16 years later, the thrill of the meeting and the slow building of our emotions into full blown love must have blocked any other thoughts I had, as I can't recall actually considering, at that early stage, that I would probably actually get to see her nude. Perhaps it was my own naivety or the fact that previous girlfriends hadn't allowed such liberties added to this innocence.

The first time, strictly speaking, that I saw any of her nude was in the back seat of my car -- oh yes, how romantic! But really, the feeble glow of the dashboard lights didn't really allow much of an inspection, instead my hands experienced greater pleasure than my eyes on that particular night.

I'm nearly 35 years old now so all this happened some years ago and therefore I don't recall the exact first time I saw her nude, but one incident has stuck in my mind.

At the time I was not much of a swimmer, actually to be honest I couldn't swim a stroke. She, on the other hand, was like an otter in the water, totally confident and very assured. Those long legs and arms drove her powerfully through the water and I couldn't help feel a little inadequate as I watched her from the bank of the dam on her parent's secluded property.

"Come in," she called, "I'll help you, you'll be fine."

I shrugged and said something non-committal and concentrated instead on nothing off in the distance that had suddenly attracted my attention.

"All right. Maybe I can persuade you another way," she said as she made her way to the bank. I turned my attention back to her as she climbed onto the bank and proceeded to peel off the two pieces of her bikini.

"NOW will you come in?" she said mischievously as she struck a questioning pose on the bank, one hand on her hip and a raised eyebrow. Totally comfortable with her complete nudity and with my gaze upon her.

I don't think I answered her right away as I took in that sight. It was not the first time I had seen her uncovered, of course, but this time, she was more than magnificent, her naked body, the contrast between tanned and fair skin, the water beads, the wet dark hair tumbling around her shoulders, the firm taut body, and those perfect, long legs, all for me, and me only to view.

I couldn't refuse. I fumbled about in the water with her and although she was careful and confident I wasn't comfortable, being the non-swimmer that I was at that time. I soon climbed out and returned to the bank despite her protests. My stubbornness broke the magic and she climbed out and dressed.

"Well, I tried," she huffed. "If my naked body won't get you in there I don't know what will."

I silently agreed with her as I stood there feeling sorry for myself and wishing she wasn't getting dressed.

We walked back down to the house in silence. She didn't stay mad at me for long, fortunately.

I remember being in awe of how comfortable she was with her nudity, even in those early days of our relationship she showed no signs of embarrassment or churlishness when nude in my presence and of course I loved how she didn't necessarily get dressed straight away after having a shower or after rising from her bed. I therefore wasn't surprised when she told me that she was normally naked when no-one else was home, and skinny dipped with her mother in the dam. She was used to being nude and enjoyed it, and it really showed. For some reason I hadn't considered that a female could be that way, and as I said, it was an absolute joy to discover this side of her. Not just because of the obvious, that she looked incredible in the nude, but also because she opened my eyes and made me realise more about the power and beauty that is the naked female form.

For the couple of years that our relationship lasted, I had my very own Domai girl, as she was right up there with the beautiful females that grace these pages.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this experience. I hope I have managed to convey what was a lovely experience.

Regards, Patrick

I have read the newsletter with interest every week. Today's letter jogged my memory and I recalled an event I was part of a long time ago.

In my young adult life I lived for a while in Raleigh, NC. One thing I enjoyed doing back then was to visit a club which was across the road from North Carolina State University. It was a strip club where dancers performed on a nightly basis. As you can imagine, the audience was made up of a variety of local people mingled with the university students. Of particular interest to me was Wednesday night, when later in the evening the dance stage was given over to amateur performers. Any girl who felt brave enough to perform a stripping routine was given the opportunity. By audience applause, one of of the performers would be awarded a cash prize. We saw quite a variety show on Wednesday evenings.

One particular night, there were maybe 4 or 5 performers. They possessed varying degrees of beauty and talent, as you can imagine. One girl in particular was overweight by at least 50 pounds. She wore a pair of bib overalls and a t-shirt. She performed and would up in nothing more than her panties, which was all the law would allow. She had such a happy disposition and so cheerfully entertained herself and the all-male audience that we all were compelled to cheer her on and she won the prize for the evening. So help me, I cannot recall any details of the other performers.

What strikes me even now, many years removed , is the fact that sheer force of personality and courage on the part of that young woman won over an audience of over 100 males. We simply could not ignore the fact that she showed exceptional courage in taking that plunge. I truly thought at the time that we could not do otherwise and apparently most of the audience was of the same mind.



A very good friend of mine is undergoing a transition from being female to male.

With massive amounts of hormones in his system, to speed the transformation, he is going through puberty...again.
One day he shyly asked asked for a adult site recommendation. Being of a mature mind, he wanted something classy and respectful of women, that focused on their beauty and natural sexiness, rather any number of raunchy sites he had already found.

I immediately said "" and described the contents of the site, the newletters, and the philosphy.

Two weeks later, he told me he had visited the site and it was all that he had been told it was and he loved it. He also told me that of the half dozen men and three women he had asked, all had said ""

With his permission, I've told this story to others and every time, even before I say the name, someone in the group calls out, with a general sound of agreement about it from the others being told the story. What really impresses me is the number of women who know of and have seen the contents of DOMAI.

She was a beautiful lady, he is a handsome man. I'm proud to his friend and glad I was able to point him to


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"The young women portrayed are absolutely beautiful, tasteful and honor the beauty of the female form. [...] The membership, affordable -- the images... outstanding. It is truly rewarding to find a site that treats women with dignity and respect. Each time I view your offerings, I sit back in awe of the beauty of a woman, and the artists that captures it on film." - Respectfully, R. J. Pine

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