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I just wanted to share with you and others the joy of finding and viewing the great pictures of beauties in nature that are on your site. I found it while I was in Iraq and needed something to relax me and reduce my stress. The photos served twofold. One was getting to see the natural, wild and green, areas other than the brown with little green of Iraq that I saw each day. I like the outdoors and enjoy spending time doing many activities like camping, hiking and so on. The second was the natural form of the female body that fit so well in those scenes. They were relaxed, with wonderful smiles and brought a little peace and beauty to my small spot in the war zone. The only girls I saw were the few ones in uniform or the few civilian workers. The only time you can enjoy the view was on pass down in Qatar at the pool where we were allowed to wear swim suits. I was there for sixteen long months and we are not allowed porn. We had the men's magazines like Maxim and FHM at our PX or Post Exchange, but that was it. The only internet access I had was work and you have to be careful to what you do as it can be monitored.

They do health and welfare checks to police for many things like porn, but unless it's out in the open, they can't go on your personal computer or open your locker to look for it, so it's loosely policed, but I think they're more worried about the drinking part as it's the other thing we're not allowed there. People in civilian companies are allowed but not the military. I had to do the checks twice being a leader over there, but all I did was told them the "out of sight" part and wasn't worried about it. I like to take care of the soldiers, who are mostly male, but we did have some females. We have enough stress already when there, so no need to make more. I was more concerned about how they were doing and not adding to their stress.

The pictures from your site are art so I was able to enjoy it for many months, until they upgraded the internet security and blocked the site. That was at the end when we were preparing to redeploy and go home, so not long before I could enjoy them when I got home. When the journey of reintegration into civilian life gets rough, I go for a little Serenity and return to enjoy the beautiful women on your site.

I have also enjoyed taking photos of nature. I like bird-watching and found many to my surprise while there and wished I had a better camera. The sunrises and sunsets were beautiful on some days. During the rainy season, we had some great thunderstorms go by or thru our area and the lightening was an electric purple. I enjoyed watching them the most in the evenings. I was able to find something beautiful in an ugly, war torn place. I tend to find the good wherever I go and in people. When I got home I used some of my saved up money from my deployment to buy a nice camera. Now I go to the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge by my home and practice using my new camera when I can. It's closed now for the winter, but I look forward to it opening in the spring. Though I probably won't get the chance to add the beautiful women to those photos, I would definitely take the opportunity if it ever comes my way.

Lt. Dan

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