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Dear DOMAI news reader,

Regular visitors to this site (of which I may have a couple million, astoundingly) might be aware that for the first time since this site started in 1997, I've had to take a sick leave and the site has suffered. Inflamed and pinched nerves in my neck sent pain into my shoulder and right arm, and for a while there I was pretty much incapacitated. The first week of December especially was one of the worst of my life, physically. (Though I was bearing up surprisingly well mentally, which was great.)

I have been throwing everything I could imagine at the problem, doctors, pills, homeopathy, physiotherapy, healers, spiritual teachers, emotional therapy... and I'm rapidly getting better. I heard that this condition could take a couple of months to heal, but fortunately it seems I'm over the worst after three weeks, a big relief.

I am still a little sore and stiff, and some days are better than others, so it goes without saying that in the next couple of weeks I will be in big "holiday mode", relaxing a lot, and I have secured some nice DVD collections, like The Sopranos and Gilmore Girls, and Pipi Longstocking.

I want to say big thanks for the many, many well-wishes I have received. The support and understanding has been heart-warming.

I wish you all a happy Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year.

Eolake Stobblehouse

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I grew up in east Texas, in ranching land. The Texas summers were hot and this area had a lot of wooded land. Through this land were many creeks or streams and lots of places to spend time outdoors.

Often we would spend nights out under the stars with very little to get us by. Of course we were never really that far from civilization. However we were usually far enough away that the nights were dark and filled with adventure.

There were a lot of horses and cattle in the area. I worked on horse back for a cattle rancher and some other odd jobs. I have some amusing horse stories, but not for this time.

I had a friend that lived way out. The family lived at the end of a road in the country. All of the older children were boys, including one my age. We were the ones most often found out in the woods, camping or hunting. We also had a bit of a part time job tending a farm/ranch for a couple that ran a business in town. We were paid at times, but mostly we had the luxury of riding their horses.

As long as we took care of the horses, which we did, we could take them for some good long rides, sometimes all day. This offer was extended to some of the other neighbor kids that were responsible enough.

Around the area were some other families with kids our age, including one with all girls. So some of the horse rides included a fair sized gathering on a Saturday. One of the girls that came with us frequently was a tomboy named JoAnn. She fit right in with us and had no trouble handling the horses.

It seemed we would often meet at the stables and whoever showed up would ride that day. We had many places to ride so we didn't go the same direction each time. Sometimes we would ride all days, some days it was a short fast ride.

One day I drove to my friend's house for a regular ride, but he couldn't make it. So I left my car and begin the walk through the woods to the stable.

When I got there I didn't see anyone else, so I went in to see about getting some horses and tack (tack is the gear for riding, saddles, and other leather gear) ready for the ride. After a bit (Texan for "a while") JoAnn showed up. We expected at least one more for the day. But no one else showed.

We went ahead and saddled up our favorite horses and took off. Being regulars we knew which horses suited us best and tried to ride those as often as possible. Now JoAnn was able to do about anything the boys could do so she just fit in. And being a regular on the rides I didn't give it much thought as to having a female for a partner.

JoAnn was a pretty girl with long hair somewhere between a brown and strawberry blonde. Probably a bit bleached from being in the sun so much during the year. She was petite but usually dressed in the western type clothes that we all wore so it covered her figure. Today she had on shorts and a t-shirt.

I was dressed in my typical jeans and boots. I wore this almost all the time. This was needed for work and especially for riding horses, as they liked nothing better than to try and rub your legs on a variety of items, some of which would cut or scratch you.

After riding for a while we came upon a stream, along the streams would be wide spots with flowing clear water. So this seemed like a good spot to rest and let the horses drink.

Often we would strip down to our underwear and take a dip. But we had never done this with JoAnn or any other girl. So I just stood around the edge.

She decided to get wet so she took her shoes off and into the water she went. It wasn't long until she tried to get me into the water. So I slipped out of my boots and jeans. I left my t-shirt on to cover my "tighty-whities" and my out of control teenage body. As long as I was in the water I felt comfortable. We splashed around and just had a good time cooling off.

After a bit I got out onto the bank, stating that I needed to dry off so I could put my clothes on later. She clearly was not done in the water.

I sat down on the rocks and let the water drip from my clothes. After just a few moments JoAnn came up onto the shore. I thought she might be ready to dry off with me and continue our ride.

She walked over to a small tree and peeled off her wet t-shirt, revealing her plain small bra. She threw the shirt over the branch and proceeded to unfasten her bra. This revealed her small but perfectly round breasts. Over the branch went her bra as well. Then in one smooth movement she unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them and panties off all at once. And they were placed on the branch with the rest of the wet clothes. All this I was watching from her side, in awe.

She turned and faced me at that point. This was a teenage fantasy come true, being in the presence of a nude woman. My mind and body went wild. I now saw her round breasts, which I still consider probably the most perfect breasts I have ever seen. And below that was a patch of hair, not trimmed as is the fashion today. Her body having all the curves that you would expect from a woman, but often covered by her clothes and tomboy personality. This was the first time I had seen a fully nude woman. This seemed like the makings of a Penthouse Letter.

She broke the awkward silence by asking me if I was going to join her, and then headed back into the water. I got up slowly and turned my back to her and faced the "drying" tree. I took off my t-shirt as slowly as I could. I was hoping my excited body would return to normal, but it just wouldn't. My mind was filled with all sorts of thoughts. Finally I just pulled off my white briefs and headed to the water as quickly as I could.

The water was about waist to chest deep. Her lovely breasts were rarely hidden from my view and I am sure she had plenty of chances to see my body.

But after a few minutes things returned to normal and we were enjoying our "swim" just as we had earlier. We had a good time and my mind let go of all the sexual thoughts I was having.

After another good swim we both climbed out and onto the warm rocks. By this time it was no longer a naked female next to me, but my friend JoAnn. It just so happened that we were both without clothes. We sat next to each other and talked for a while until we dried, which probably took less time that we allowed. We talked about all sorts of things in our lives, and rarely spoke of anything sexual in nature. We just were friends.

Now I looked at her body in a different way, still the perfect female form, but attached to someone that I liked and could talk with. Not the nameless bodies in the "girly" magazines that had been my education up to that point. She interacted with me as we sat there, something that mere pictures could never do.

Finally we got up and went to the "drying tree" to retrieve our clothes. I watched as she tucked those beautiful breasts back into her bra. We were still talking as if we were doing something very natural, which we were.

Before long we were on the last leg of our ride, and then back to the stable. We parted that day like we always did. I never had a chance to ride alone with JoAnn again, but did see her around until we went our separate ways after school.

This was a turning point in my life. I did look at magazines for years past this. But I finally found a beauty in the female form that JoAnn had introduced me to that day, I took up figure drawing and photography. Since then I have been in the presence of nude females quite a few times. (Each time I look for a more perfect set of breasts, but have yet to find them.) Now I see much more than sexual beauty in women, I see beyond that, remembering the day spent with JoAnn.

Mark M

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