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"After forever, Eolake finally put up your series of Dorianne [the redhead] today. ;)
I'm impressed, while I haven't had time to study them yet, she is a beautiful woman and I like the series--when i get some time I'll see if I have a favorite.
I like the effect that the dappled light in the woods gives, and the softening of light as well as the way the colors of her hair and skin contrast with the vibrant green of the plants...and the batik is a good choice of color too.
There's a number of different moods captured too, which adds a certain depth to the series--the playful, impish charactor contrasts nicely with her more thoughtful expressions...she looks like she'd be fun to have around...without being an airhead.
I also like the fact that she's not shaved, it may be a matter of my age, but I find it more natural.
Overall, think this series shows improvement in your style over the last series (though I liked that one too!)
Keep shooting!"