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"I am constantly looking for sites and nude images that are sensual, beautiful, and artistic, and yet I rarely find this magic combination. All these qualities are fulfilled in the images of DOMAI. Here at last is great beauty and sensual art combined. A site of great innocent pleasure."
- David Schoen <> renowned photographer of Sensual Art,

nude photo
nude photo
"I have been a member for less than two weeks so I haven't had the opportunity to see all the photosets in the members section yet but I must say that I am totally impressed with those nudes I have seen so far! The reason for writing is simply to say many thanks for a superb service." - Keith Whitmore <> is the one site on the web which is about the beauty of women. We don't care too much for girls with plastic boobs and their ankles behind their head, we just like really pretty women like nature gave them to us: nude, the way they are most wonderful.

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"Yes! I knew that if I kept looking for a good nude site, eventually someone with vision would get the real needs of men met. Thanks my friend." - George, Tacoma, WA, USA, <>
Our models are beautiful young women, who do it for fun and for the art. People who do nudes for love and fun have an honesty and charm that is often lost otherwise.
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"Every time I find myself back at DOMAI I remember why i love it so much and why I am subscribing." - Sara Davila <>

With DOMAI you save money. Many sites charge $30 or even $40 per month; we charge only $14.95 (or even cheaper for long-term memberships). Why? Because if we serve twice the customers at half the price, they are happy and they tell their friends!

You also save time, since the art is pre-sorted rigorously. This means that you have more time to sit back and enjoy your wonderful girl pictures.

Like one of our members said: "If I took the best 1% of the nude pictures I have found of women and compiled them together, I might have a collection worthy of one page of this site."

nude photo
nude photo
"I'm very pleased to lay my name on the line in supporting DOMAI and feel confident it will be around for a long time as the best and most nude picture laden tastefully creative site. Thank you DOMAI." Best wishes, Adrien Youell, <> an Irishman in Blackwater, Hampshire, England

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"I have been a member of DOMAI for approximately three months. Beforehand I had never subscribed to any adult content websites, and other than this one I have zero desire to subscribe to any others. DOMAI is done with taste, and is completely devoid of the normal spammy invasive atmosphere you get when visiting other sites.
If you like to see a variety of nude beauty in many forms, then you have found the right place. There is variety, art, and quite frankly some of the most gorgeous women for you to see. Feel free to write me." - Sean Pool, <>
"DOMAI is one of the very few resources on the Internet on which the delicate theme of the nude body is treated well. Here we look not only at the body, but Art devoted to its beauty." - Andrey Slastyonoff <> Internationally known art photographer
nude photo

"...DOMAI is way ahead in terms of service. On one occasion the billing of my membership failed and I had to re-sign up. I sent an e-mail explaining that I was not actually a new member and I recieved a prompt reply placing me back on the veteran's bonus mailing list.... fantastic!
The women in DOMAI are genuinely beautiful and I think that it is because of the spirit in which the photos are taken rather than any special physical attributes.
The philosophy behind DOMAI is an added bonus. I really enjoy recieving the newsletters and your own thoughts, though I'd still be a member without them. I am pleased to say that the message has had a positive impact on my life and, from what I gather, the lives of many others. Something for you to be proud of I'm sure." - Luke W, <lwdomai>

"I spend a lot of time collecting images that I consider beautiful. I have pictures of everything from nature to outer space. The one thing that I don't have enough pictures of, and probably never will, is the human body. It is the most magnificent thing I have ever seen, young or old, man or woman, clothed or nude, it is just amazing...
From the time I discovered your site I noticed something different in the nude pictures on it, and on those sites that follow your philosophy, compared to other nude sites.
The young ladies (and I mean Ladies) that your site portrays project something that no matter the lighting, the setting, the pose, the state of dress or undress can hide. This self-esteem and sense of freedom seems to add to the photos and give them more than a nude model...
This inner beauty can only be projected so strongly by someone who is happy with who they are and what they do.
This aura of beauty that the women at
DOMAI display is something that leaps from the photos. You can not miss it, it stands out for all the world to see... The photos at DOMAI place a smile on your face and boost up your spirit, reflecting the almost nymph-like playfulness exhibited in many of them." - Scott L. Y.

nude photo
nude photo
"This site probably consistently gets the best looking models on the Internet. [...] it strikes me as an honest well-run site and I think this would be one of the few safe sites you could give a credit card number to." - Gareth Powell, in Australia's Internet directory

Are you still in doubt if a DOMAI membership is really for you? Why not take the safe route and take advantage of our "100-excuses guarantee".

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nude photo

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