Here are all of the one hundred and forty nine of the Honorable Mentions in the Domai Simple Nudes Art contest. We think there is a great amount of amazing art here, and we hope you enjoy. - Eolake

All images are copyrighted 2004
by the individual creators.

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a-study-in-black_white-iii a-time-for-sleeping--a-time a_young_beauty after-the-bath1 afternoon-nap
alexa09-1200 alisa_on_the_beach andrea andrew_jones_christy andrew_jones_meling
another_day art-by-douglas2_.psd ascent autumn autumngirl
az-pin-up bamboo basking beachgirl-jayalders beth
bignude02 birth-of-calysta blackstockings blond_nude blueangel
blush bo braids breeze brian-miller-looking-under-
brittany-1600 charisse come-hither coquette-sarahkotis cory
critters crosswind_vshane dana_des2 dawn despertares
domai---3 domai-naomi domai-nude domai elf_big_final
emerald emmajean eve-jerry-minor eveningportrait.of.nina exoticajpg


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... I would have loved to have a name by each picture or in the file name, but it did not happen. It is all my fault, through lack of foresight. The naming of the thousands of files was very random, and I had a choice between leaving out names or leaving out over a hundred worthy works of art that I thought should be viewed.
- Eolake

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