The Dirty Old Men's Association InternationalThe Dirty Old Men's Association International

Postal Membership Form, US dollars

Please print this form and mail it with your payment. We e-mail your password the same day we get the letter.

Send Cash in US dollars (see here for Euros and here for Sterling). (Mail with tin foil to foil xrays. Checks/money orders not accepted, sorry.)

My e-mail address is: ___________________________________________________

(Please send us an e-mail also, to <> to make sure we get the right address.)

I want a memberhip with:

___ DOMAI ___ GoddessNudes

___ One-month membership for $20

___ Three-month membership for $40

___ Six-month membership for $60

___ One-year membership for $80

___ Both sites for three months for just $50

___ Both sites for a year for just $120

Send by post to:

Att: Eolake
Coffeehouse Comms Ltd
Dean Court 53
BL1 2SA Bolton
United Kingdom